iHollywood Film Fest Presents The ‘Most Empowering’ Audience Award to the ‘Women’s in Tech & Film’ Panel

Women in Tech & Film

Women’s in Tech & Film

The iHollywood Film Fest is pleased to announce the ‘Women in Film & Tech’ Panel has won the ‘Most Empowering’ Audience Award!

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The iHollywood Film Fest is pleased to announce the ‘Women in Film & Tech’ Panel has won the ‘Most Empowering’ Audience Award!

Winning the ‘Most Empowering’ Audience Award @ the iHollywood Film Fest 2021

“I’m honored to be facilitating this panel on ‘Women in Tech & Film’,” moderator Justin Howard commented. “It’s a fierce group of women who have made it against the odds in tech & film, who are truly committed to holding the doors open for other women to create and manifest their dreams.”

Women in Tech & Film Panel – iHollywood Film Festival :
Justin Howard, Journalist & Host
Christine Pelosi, Leading US Women and Tech Advocate Lawyer
Anandha Ray, International Award Winning Dancer & Choreographer and Filmmaker
LaShawn McGhee, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer Revry, Inc.
Courtney Barriger, Award Winning Indie Film Maker & Sustainability Culture Podcaster

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