IdeaScaler Invests in PredActAI, Bangalore, India-based AI/ML Industrial startup

IdeaScaler Invests in PredActAI, Bangalore, India-based AI/ML Industrial startup

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 / — Ideascaler announces strategic investment in PredActAI, an AI/ML-focused industrial startup
Ideascaler, a studio investment fund based in Wilmington, DE, US, has announced a strategic investment in PredActAI, a Bangalore-based, Industry-AI/ML start-up focused on Predictive, but Actionable Intelligence.
“We are extremely pleased to be an Ideascaler-invested startup,” said Balaji Dandapani, President of PredActAI. PredactAI would get access to the IdeaScaler ecosystem: vendors, customers, partners, geo-reach, and infrastructure. Time-to-market, validation of strategy, critical industry insight, and incisive evaluation of our product roadmap are all things we can expect.
PredActAI has built flagship products such as RADAR NDT, PredAct SM4.0, PredAct AQUA, and PredAct Rail.
RADAR NDT is an AI/ML-based tool for identification, marking, and measuring defects in welded joints, using digitized images of the welds and Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
PredAct SM4.0 improves operational reliability, product quality, and safety while reducing maintenance costs with machine learning and AI/ML-enabled predictive and prescriptive insights in manufacturing.
PredAct AQUA aids in real-time condition monitoring and control systems for aquaculture ponds and farms, allowing for maximum yield while avoiding catastrophic losses due to viral/bacterial activity.
PredAct RAIL is a powerful safety management product that is aimed at making rail travel comfortable and accident-free with advanced AI-driven insights.
PredAct’s AI/ML focuses on industrial solutions, a long under-served area and one of the next frontiers for AI/ML. It also fits in beautifully with IdeaScaler’s investment strategy in terms size, stage and impact potential, said Aho Bilam, President of IdeaScaler.
“Our High Impact Industrial AI solutions bring tremendous cost savings, risk mitigation, quality improvement, and disruption avoidance,” said Srivatsava, CEO-PredActAI. “Our solutions are being piloted by Indian Railways and at a nuclear power plant near Chennai.”
About PredActAI
PredActAI is a Bangalore, India -based product startup which helps customers in their journey to Industry 4.0 and beyond. PredAct’s products bring the benefit of AI/ML to manufacturing/transportation and utility industries. PredAct’s team combines AI/ML with cross-functional industry expertise to create products of high business impact.

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IdeaScaler is an early investment platform for path-breaking ideas in Fintech, Retail, and Manufacturing. True to its name, IdeaScaler operates on the “a person with an idea which can scale” paradigm and not on ventures further down the pike. Technologies of focus include AI/ML, Cloud Orchestration, Blockchain. IdeaScaler, based in Wilmington, DE, supports invested entities across the US, Canada, India, and Thailand.

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