Hunt Utilities Group Launches New Integrated Hydronics System

HUG Hydronics removes the need for valves, gauges, air removers, manifolds, and associated parts from traditional radiant heating delivery systems, making it extremely simple to install.

The system integration radically improves the installation, flexibility and maintenance for in-floor heat.

PINE RIVER, MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, September 3, 2021 / — Hunt Utilities Group (HUG) has recently launched a new integrated hydronic delivery
system for in-floor heat. The system integration radically improves the installation, flexibility and maintenance for in-floor heat.

The patent pending HUG Hydronics simplifies the system by integrating submersible variable speed pumps in a tank. The system includes an integrated control board that can manage up to 4 zones and 10 pumps. The system can manage up to 3 different heat sources and is great for dual fuel and off-peak applications. Any pump can easily be assigned to any of the 4 zones or heat sources.

The new system eliminates connections and joints from traditional valves, gauges, air removers, manifolds and associated parts, thus simplifying the installation. The HUG system is so simplified it can be easily installed with basic tools in about an hour after the heater is installed. The system is extremely flexible and can manage up to 5,400 square feet with the newly released pump WYE splitters. Additionally, HUG can provide water heaters with the system for electric or gas heater applications.

“Across the board, we’ve found that houses that use radiant in-floor heating are more comfortable and efficient, energy-wise,” Ryan Hunt, President of HUG explained. “As we did more efficient homes, we found the traditional way of doing hydronics was extremely time-consuming to install, and overall, intimidating. We figured we could do better than that.”

Recently, HUG has earned national certification from Intertek, a leading Total Quality Assurance Provider to industries worldwide, for UL 60335-2-40 and received authorization for application of the certification mark to their HUG Hydronics system. This means that the HUG Hydronics system is approved safe for home use in the United States and Canada and can now be installed by homeowners, contractors, and professional plumbers alike.

Radiant or in-floor heating is the process of conveying heat through tubes or pipes underneath a floor, usually in concrete. With the HUG Hydronics delivery system, the installation process is now accessible for non-professionals while also packing all the capability that a pro could want.

“We wanted people to feel confident installing and maintaining their heating system,” said Hunt, “and that’s all a part of being more resilient.”

HUG Hydronics is available to purchase online at

Hunt Utilities Group is an engineering design corporation based in Pine River, MN. HUG is dedicated to promoting resilient living through proven engineering design and research. HUG’s goal is to develop resilient housing and home products that are renewable minded and balance with the environment.

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