HUDCO Land Scam Series by Alborz Azar Proves a Media Condemned Man Innocent

Alborz azar has taken it upon himself to expose the truth behind the many land scams in India in his newest series the HUDCO land scam series

Alborz azar has taken it upon himself to expose the truth behind the many land scams in India in his newest series the HUDCO land scam series

HUDCO Land Scam Series

A media condemned man has proven his innocence yet the supreme court ruling has not been satisfied

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The HUDCO Land Scam Series by Alborz Azar unfolds some intriguing scams over the past two decades that will turn the tables in India’s history.

NEW DELHI, INDIA , September 28, 2021 / — A media condemned man whose innocence has remained unknown because of the struggles with unfounded accusations portrayed by public news outlets. As public opinion faltered, it led to a guilty sentence before any trial could be scheduled.

The victim behind the scam in this situation was MS Shoes founder Pavan Sachdeva. Behind the lies and deception, a brilliant entrepreneur took the fall for the underhanded dealings of the HUDCO Land Scams.

In the HUDCO Land Scam Series, by Alborz Azar, he reveals the widespread corruption behind the precious Andrews Ganj land in the heart of New Delhi. The same man accused of underhanded dealings fulfilled his debts, but due to these deceptive lies, he has received no compensation for the legally awarded settlement. Alborz proves how Pavan’s commitment not only caused financial stress on his family, but mental anxiety dealing with this issue for over two decades. Yet, rulings go unanswered.

HUDCO ignores legal court findings to repay the ill-gotten monies from MS Shoes. The only response is more excuses as to why the court decisions have not been met by HUDCO.

As the culprits hide in the shadows, Pavan struggled through court case after court case, proving his innocence. Official Supreme Court rulings were seen as frivolous orders to corrupt officers and business executives. Therefore, Alborz brought light on the scam to reveal the truth that has deprived innocent victims of due justice for decades.

The HUDCO Land Scam Series is available on 40,000 plus bookstore outlets in 24 languages.

● Book One: Delhi Andrews Ganj Land Scam
● Book Two: Government HUDCO Andrews Ganj Scam
● Book Three: HUDCO Place Andrews Ganj Land Scam
● Book Four: Andrews Ganj Land Scam Continuing
● Book Five: Bureaucrats Disputed Bjp Government Ratification of Andrews Ganj Land Scam
● Book Six: HUDCO Scammed Leela Hotels as Well – Refunded Entire Amount with Contractual Compounded Interest
● Book Seven: HUDCO Place Scam Led Andrews Ganj Project Account to Negative
● Book Eight: Courts Concluded HUDCO Scam Defrauded Discriminated Cheated MS Shoes
● Book Nine: Government Had No Time to Consider Bureaucrats Ratification of Andrews Ganj Land Scam
Coming Soon….. Book Ten: Most Awaited Ratification by The Supreme Court of India of Andrews Ganj Land Scam by HUDCO

● Book One: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: K Madhavan CBI Former Joint Director GAPL Solicitor Role
● Book Two: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: Underwriting Public Issue A Farce
● Book Three: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: A False Case By CBI
● Book Four: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: MS Shoes HUDCO Government Andrews Ganj Land
● Book Five: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: 1995 Public Issue Awards
● Book Six: MS SHOES FALL SERIES: Pavan Sachdeva Struggling

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A Media Condemned Man Proven Innocent

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