How PTR is Overcoming the 2021 Global Microchip Shortage

The current chip shortage has been difficult for many businesses. Knowing the demand for trucks, PTR has worked hard to provide trucks to customers.

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — All across the country, fleets are experiencing a shortage of trucks because of the lack of microchips. Detroit Today, on the microchip shortage topic, said that, “…so many microchips are used in [vehicles], auto manufacturers have delayed distribution of certain [vehicles] and stopped factories from operating.” Being a truck rental company, we at PTR Premier Truck Rental have been incredibly agile regarding our units to make sure that our customers have exactly what they need, right when they need it.

At the start of COVID-19, orders had been canceled due to demand projections, leaving the microchip supply to be spoken for with other types of technology. In addition to this, many manufacturing plants had been shut down to protect employees from the coronavirus, significantly reducing production. This has resulted in thousands of trucks sitting in lots around the country waiting for their microchip.

We spoke with Keri Stahly, our Director of Strategic Planning, to share more about what Premier Truck Rental is doing to overcome the microchip shortage. She said that she and her team have been working hard to make sure that all orders are placed with Ford and GM months in advance before they reach capacity.

“When we realized that there was a limited amount of units available, we placed additional orders of trucks to ensure that we had units available for our customers. We modified some orders as the shortage developed and decided to expand our fleet offering to have Ram pickup trucks in the fleet. This has given our customers the ability to have either a Ford, Chevy or Ram pickup truck and allowed us to have more rent-ready trucks in our fleet,” said Stahly.

We’re incredibly excited to be offering Ram’s, equipped with side steps, backup cameras, bluetooth, spray-in bedliner, a trailer tow package, power tailgate lock and more!

The current chip shortage has been difficult for businesses in the automotive and construction sectors. Knowing the demand for trucks, our team has worked diligently to provide work trucks to our customers across the United States. This is the PTR way.

Do you need pickups for your upcoming work project? Whether you work in construction, pipeline, wind or any other industry, we’ve got pickups ready to work. To get more information on our truck rentals, call PTR at 844-644-9138 or email to get connected to our Sales Team!

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