How DSRs Can Capitalize on the $10 Billion Life Sciences Market

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Find out how Dealer Sales Representatives (DSRs) can bid on life science projects and deliver outstanding results that turn clients into repeat customers.

Unlike other life science furniture manufacturers that try to avoid selling through furniture dealers, we have built the contract side of our furniture business around dealers and DSRs.”

— Formaspace

AUSTIN, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2021 / — Newsflash: Life Science Projects Are The $10 Billion Hot Spot In Today’s Commercial Property Market

By now, you’ve probably read the Bloomberg report that new construction in Life Sciences represents a $10 billion opportunity. Commercial laboratory space will grow to 95 million square feet this year – a 12% increase.

If you are a Dealer Sales Rep (DSR) at a contract furniture dealer and want to learn how you can capitalize on the growing life sciences sector, read on!

To find out more, we spoke with Claire Redsun from Formaspace Contract. Claire is a brand manager for Formaspace and a veteran marketing and business development expert with more than a decade of experience in the contract furniture market.

Q: Hello Claire. Can you tell us what’s driving this rapid growth in Life Sciences projects?

CR: The success of developing new Covid vaccines in a year (or less) has spurred major investment in the Life Science industry. And, this is a key point for furniture dealers; most life science employees will work on-site, unlike office workers who may be on a hybrid home/office work schedule.

Q: What kind of investment dollars are we talking about?

CR: Innovation is driving the success of these companies, and investor interest is high. For example, we can point to a Formaspace Contract client, Gingko Bioworks, based in downtown Boston (with a new satellite office in Emeryville, California). This company’s success in creating an innovative bio-research platform helped them achieve a $2.5 billion valuation in 2017, and some analysts think they could be worth as much as $15B after they go public this year with Soaring Eagle Acquisition Corp.

How Can DSRs Work Directly With Formaspace Contract To Take Advantage Of These New Life Science Opportunities?

Q: What can DSRs expect when working with Formaspace Contract?

CR: The key point is that we understand your business, and we make working directly with DSRs the heart of our contract furniture business.

I was a DSR at a furniture dealer for many years, as was Frank Bucher, the COO here at Formaspace Contract.

Unlike other life science furniture manufacturers that try to avoid selling through furniture dealers, we have built the contract side of our furniture business around dealers and DSRs.

We know the value you bring to the table in understanding the needs of clients and providing creative solutions for them – and the important role you play in serving as a liaison to manage the project on the client’s behalf from beginning to end – all of which work together to build strong, long-lasting client relationships.

Q: How does Formaspace Contract support DSRs?

CR: We offer you a single point of contact access to our experts who will help you every step of the way. It’s like having your own DSR Concierge Desk for Life Science projects.

It’s also important to know we are based here in the USA, not overseas. That means our products are manufactured or assembled here at our Austin, Texas, factory headquarters, using locally-sourced steel and other American-made components. This way of doing business helps us deliver the high-quality products that you can depend on, as well as offering long-term support after the sale, including maintaining client documentation so we can provide any matching replacement parts that might be needed years from now.

To make contact with the Formaspace Contract team, just visit the Rep Locator Map page on our website or call (866) 488-0152 or email us at

What If I Don’t Have A Science Background? How Can I Be Successful Working With Life Science Prospects?

Q: I don’t have a science background, so I’m a little bit overwhelmed about approaching my first Life Science prospect.

CR: I know when I was a DSR, it felt very intimidating to start working in a new market that I wasn’t familiar with, so I understand your concern.

It’s true, some of the project requirements in the life sciences market are very technical, especially when it comes to laboratory design. But the specialists here at Formaspace Contract have decades of experience managing complex life science projects, so when you partner with us, you’ll get the expert assistance in project planning, engineering and product design, and regulatory compliance you need to make the project successful – from responding to the initial RFP to conducting the final installation punch list.

Q: Yes, that’s my main concern. I’m still a bit intimidated by the laboratory design elements.

CR: This first thing to keep in mind there is a lot more to life science projects than laboratory installations.

To see what I mean, take a look at this video of Priscilla Chan, who (along with her husband Facebook CEO husband Mark Zuckerberg) co-founded the Chan Zuckerberg BioHub in San Francisco – another Formaspace Contract Life Science customer.

As Chan says in the video above, the Biohub is about bringing people together to share ideas —so you’ll be on familiar territory most of the time — doing what you do best, like identifying a client’s need for office spaces, desking and seating systems, conference rooms, casual meeting areas, cafes, outdoor spaces, etc. and coming up with solutions that make the client happy.

The bottom line is that lab installations are typically only a small portion of an overall Life Sciences project, an important factor to consider when you are contemplating pursuing a new client opportunity.

How Can I Learn More About Working With Formaspace Contract On Life Science Projects?

Q: How can I learn more about Life Science applications?

CR: One of the best ways to learn about Life Science applications is to look at successful Life Science client projects.

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