Hong Kong Based Oxygn Limited’s Online Business Surges In China Post Covid

Oxygn creates wellness based content covering fitness, nutrition, longevity, and the great outdoors with a focus on the mainland China market.

HONG KONG, S.A.R, HONG KONG, July 6, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Oxygn Limited’s China based digital outlet https://oxygn.cn has seen a meteoric rise in audience growth during the 2020 pandemic and has seen sustained growth continue in 2021. Oxygn creates wellness based content covering fitness, nutrition, longevity, and the great outdoors with a focus on the mainland China market. The online media site has grown into a popular source of wellness information for wellness conscious Chinese locals seeking easy to understand wellness information and ideas.

The mainland China market demand for wellness based content surged during the pandemic as Chinese consumers focused heavily on wellbeing. This has only accelerated post pandemic as Chinese consumer continue to devote significant financial resources to their health and wellbeing. Co-founder Duane Belnavis said “We’ve seen extraordinary audience growth across just about every topic from weight loss to sleep and everything in between. We now interact with well over 3 million users per month. and we expect this number to grow exponentially over the next year”

Some key data points driving increased demand for Oxygn’s content include the following:
Health food sales surged 16% in Q1 (2020)
200% growth in home weight training equipment in (2020)
E-commerce leader JD .com com reported yoga mat sales up 142% year on year

Co-founder Duane Belnavis said recently, “myself and my fellow Co-founder CTO Vetri PV are committed to enhancing the company’s digital footprint by further developing both our technology as well as our content delivery systems. To this end we have alerted our key investors to the once in a lifetime business opportunity which exist in the China market with a view to an aggressive capital infusion through a further seed round of funding or Series A.

While Oxygn has drawn strong interests from a variety of investors Co-founder Mr. Belnavis has said, “We are approaching the next stage of our development and funding with strategic fit being as important as the funds itself and the terms under which we will accept an agreement.”

The new funding Mr. Belnavis said, “would enable us to grow our editorial and tech teams in both size and scope and continue to grow our audience share and introduce new media products and build out our partnerships with the top brands in the wellness/active living category. Mr. Belnavis stated that “China’s domestic brands have matured in the wellness category and are comparable in operating practices to the best in world. He continued “We’ve had the pleasure of working with brands like Sangha Retreat https://www.sangharetreat.com
Which in our view operate to world class standards. The insight has given our team a fresh perspective on the enormous business opportunity here in China”. Brand building is a key component of success in China. CTO Vetri PV said, “Our team has significant experience in China and understand the importance of building a strong brand presence. We are seeing the benefits of this attention to brand building”.

Contact Info:

Name: Duane Belnavis

Email: andrew @oxygn.cn

Organization: Oxygn Limited

Address: Room 702, 7FL., Fu Fai Commercial Centre, 27 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan Hong Kong

Phone: +852 3521 2846

Website: https://oxygn.cn Source: Oxygn Limited

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