Homeowners, architects, & industry professionals are discovering the real function of European-style windows and doors

Ultraglide door retractable screen

Ultraglide door retractable screen

Motorized door screen Glide system

Motorized door screen Glide system

Tilt & turn window

Tilt & turn window

Homeowners, architects, and industry professionals are now discovering the superior function of European-style windows and

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, September 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Due to their advanced functional benefits and superior construction, tilt-turn windows and doors are finally here.

The tilt-turn window, engineered to withstand harsh North American winters can also endure fierce coastal storms and hurricanes. In fact, a properly designed tilt-turn door can satisfy the strict building codes of any jurisdiction.

Bravo is an innovative designer and manufacturer of distinctive doors for private residences and commercial buildings. Famous for our incredible engineering and beautiful designs, we build custom windows for clients across North America.

With increasing energy concerns, homeowners and building professionals are interested in quality products that provide
superior thermal performance and lower energy costs without sacrificing elegance or design.

A Tilt & Turn Retractable Screen Door is an operable European style door type. Every tilt-turn door has two continuous gaskets that seal the entire sash. This double gasket helps provide superior weather and sound resistance.

The tilt-turn hardware makes even the largest door open with ease. No more sticky doors or warped openings to deal with.

We offer competitive pricing – serving Canada and the USA.

Full warranty and free quotes on all projects. For home or business, we can show you our new product line for 2021.

Many American-style doors have exposed locking levers that require 2-3 steps to open. Tilt-turn doors can be opened with one hand and in one step.

Tilt-turn doors have several concealed locking points that go around the entire perimeter of the door. This multi point locking system provides superior security and strength.

Cleaning is much easier. In swing doors make cleaning the exterior of the door as simple as cleaning the interior.

Safety. For the safety of children and small pets, these doors can be put into the tilt position. The tilt position of a door ventilates the room without the hazard of a wide opening that a curious child might fall out of. It is also very convenient for pet owners who can safely ventilate a room while their pet is home alone.

The tilt-open position also enables the installation of a security sensor which will only sound an alarm in the turn-open position. This makes it possible for the security system to secure all the windows while giving occupants the option to tilt-open a door without causing an alarm.

Over time, the effects of structural settlement or seasonal movement of most buildings might require your doors to be
adjusted. Our hardware system is among the most adjustable tilt-turn mechanisms in the world. It is non-proprietary and it has been used for over 10 years by more than one hundred European door manufacturers.

Should your doors require new or replacement parts you can be sure that we only provide materials of the highest quality.

Why the tilt-turn design? As Gandhi explains it, “The Bravo Tilt & Turn Retractable Screen Doors have an advantage in terms of the limited space they need to operate. Tilt-turn allows you to open to the full size of the door. And the tilt-turn door has gasket-ed compression seals to allow it to close like a door as opposed to brush seals, which are not airtight.”

This way you can rest easy knowing that your install is going to last and your sliding door troubles are over for good.

With 25+ years of experience behind us, we know you will love our performance and professionalism.

The Bravo Tilt & Turn Retractable Screen Door will fit any door size opening, so feel free to pick a day and time most convenient for you. Then give us a call and we will work around your schedule to offer the best advice on how to install your doors.

The consultation is absolutely FREE, so, with nothing to lose, why not book a call and we can plan today.

High quality construction, thermal integrity and ease of use are all standard characteristics of our tilt and turn door screens. At first glance, they are visually similar to regular doors. However, they bring the functionality of tilt and turn technology to your home.

Our advanced modern frames offer strength, durability and low maintenance.

Custom built to whatever sizes your project calls for, these Bravo Tilt & Turn Retractable Screen Doors become signatures in every home. With the turn of a simple ergonomic handle, you can choose between sliding the door horizontally or tilting it inwards for ventilation.

Plain white is a thing of the past. Our aluminum frames are available in a large selection of colours.

We also offer quality glazing and high class tilt and turn windows with the best quality, great durability, high energy
efficiency, and a large variety of design and performance options.

The Bravo Tilt & Turn Retractable Screen Doors are a premium solution for those wanting space saving windows with modern functionality.

With expertise, innovation and care, we build door systems for people who desire grand sizes, imaginative shapes and styles, and demand superior performance.

Fast lead & delivery time.

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