Himiway To Revolutionize Electric Bike Market With The Launch Of three Brand New E-bike Models This Fall

himiway bike

himiway bike

Himiway new launched ebike

Himiway new launched ebike

Himiway, a premium direct-to-consumer e-bike manufacturer, will be launching 3 brand new models in October.

SUITE BREA, CALIFORNIA, 美国, September 29, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — While continuing to push the boundaries of technology, design, and comfort, Himiway Electric Bikes is gearing up to add even more high-quality products to their lineup. The Softail Supreme E-bike, Multifunctional E-bike, and Premium All-Terrain E-bike are expected to launch later this year and will include the specialized characteristics with which all Himiway bikes are known for including high power, long battery life, and the LCD displays. With features like these, it comes as no surprise that electric bikes represent the fastest growing bicycle segment in the United States, especially amongst seniors.

“We look forward to delighting both returning and new customers with our latest e-bike models,” says Mike, the CEO of Himiway. “Watch our free livestream announcement from anywhere in the world this October as we showcase the Softail Supreme, Multifunctional, and Premium All-Terrain E-bikes. We will be announcing four new bikes across these three categories as an extension of our mission to revolutionize the electric bike experience for riders of all ages and fitness levels.”

The Softail Supreme E-bike will be their “most innovative e-bike yet” according to the announcement page on Himiway’s website. The bike will have a top-notch suspension system and the rear suspension emblematic of all softail bikes which should provide the smoothest riding experience available on the market today.

The Multifunctional E-Bike, as the name implies, will offer riders a range of uses from grocery shopping to pickups and deliveries, all the way to weekend trips with the family. E-bikes are well-known for their versatility and many people have replaced cars with an e-bike as their main mode of transportation. This makes e-bikes, such as Himiway’s, very affordable when considering the total cost of ownership. The Multifunctional E-bike will raise the bar for what it means to offer maximum utility at an affordable price.

Rounding out the new models is the Premium All-terrain E-bike which will be “a blend of mountain and urban cruiser” as noted on Himiway’s website. This crossover bike should be a popular option for those looking to get the best of both worlds and explore as many areas as possible on their e-bike.

These new bikes will still offer riders the style, flexibility, and off-road capabilities which Himiway Bikes are known for, with new features and designs which frequent riders will appreciate. Himiway continues to deliver on new mobility and sustainability demands that consumers around the country expect from their favorite eco-friendly brands. “We have the expertise and passion necessary to give our riders the best transportation experience possible during commutes, running errands, or simply getting daily exercise with our E-bikes,” adds Mike.

In addition to a full lineup of various e-bike models, Himiway offers extensive warranty coverage, high-quality accessories, and full customer support throughout the buying process. Himiway also routinely adds content to their blog highlighting tips and guides for the e-bike community along with photos and videos of their bikes in action.

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