Hemp Paper publisher ColoringBook.com of St. Louis brings diversification to marketplace


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Putting ink on Hemp Paper brings Wayne Bell publisher at Really Big Coloring Books®, Inc. a high level of market diversification by profiling an old industry.

Hemp can replace trees as a major source of paper, decrease deforestation, improve living conditions of all people and help save the planet.”

— N. Wayne Bell

ST. LOUIS, MO, USA, October 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — St. Louis, MO based book publisher Wayne Bell has been putting in on paper since his teen aged years. “The process begins with the raw wood, which is made up of fibers called cellulose. These fibers are stuck together with a natural glue called lignin. When lignin is removed the cellulose fibers are separated and reorganized, this is when paper can be made,” it’s an old process,” said Bell.

“An even older process is Hemp Paper, continued Bell. “By most accounts the world’s earliest paper was made by the Chinese from hemp fibers about 2,300 years ago. It spread from China to the Pharaohs of Middle East and then to the rest of the world. Most paper used in the world was hemp paper till around the mid 1880’s. The first printed Bible, the Gutenberg Bible used hemp paper. Mark Twain printed on hemp paper. It was hemp paper that Thomas Paine used to print the leaflets that spread the idea of the American revolution for US independence. Drafts of the American Declaration of Independence were written on hemp paper. The US Constitution was drafted on hemp paper. Hemp paper products are older than most societies, its a natural product meant to do good things,” says Bell. Hemp will outlast wood paper by hundreds of years, its been proven.

“Our company has been publishing books, cards, magazines and other printed products from Hemp Paper for quite some time. The hemp price is a higher quality than wood papers and hemp yields a high quality, sustainable product that will outlast most paper type products. Quality hemp paper is excellent, fine, durable and can be used for nearly every print purpose. Educators, authors, CBD shops, dispensaries, book stores, musicians, entertainers and more contact our company in regards to providing their everyday, marketing or merchandising products to be manufactured with Hemp paper. Hemp paper is far more environmentally-friendly than tree paper. Deforestation is a case in point in which consumers of paper products directly and indirectly help manage a better environment. Hemp is the potential to meet all paper needs, it last longer and keeps us all breath better by saving the environment,” stated Bell.

To find out more about printing on Hemp you can reach Bell at www.ClayDue.com and at www.ColoringBook.com
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Hemp Paper publisher ColoringBook.com of St. Louis brings diversification to marketplace

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