GUDO Launches Line of Flip Flops Redesigned with the Planet and Comfort in Mind

Eco-friendly flip flops with improved style and comfort

MONTREAL, CANADA, September 23, 2021 / — GUDO, a beach apparel brand based in Montreal, announced today a new line of flip flops that reimagines the comfort and style of the popular footwear item. GUDO flip flops have a minimalist design with patented technology for sustainable comfort.

GUDO was inspired by the beach lifestyle with the purpose of leaving a purely positive mark on customers and the planet. Its flip flops are made with an innovative XL EXTRALIGHT foam material, providing more comfort, durability and style. Compared to other flip flops, GUDO’s Italian material provides a bounce-like feeling, absorbing the shock from the ground with each step, while the massaging footbed stimulates reflexology, leaving feet relaxed and healthy. These eco-friendly and long-lasting flip flops will leave customers and the planet satisfied and healthy.

“Whether you’re a sun seeker, home dweller, city cruiser or world adventurer, GUDO’s sleek and unique flip flops will seamlessly integrate into your life,” said GUDO founder Georges Najjar.

The brand tries in every way possible to leave a positive footprint on our planet and to do its part to make the world better. GUDO is rooted in social consciousness and considers all aspects of its products from conception to delivery and the impact on the planet. The company uses zero waste packaging, employs biodegradable cornstarch mailers, and encourages recycling. GUDO also supports various charities, such as monkey preservation and environmental efforts.

GUDO flip flops come in several colors, including Pirate Black, Night Platinum, Seaweed Green, Fire Red and Navy Blue. Current sizes are 7-12 for men and 9-13 for women. Smaller options will be coming soon.

For more information, visit or follow the company on Instagram at @GUDO_WORLD.


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