Greener by Design and Compass Energy Platform Announce Partnership to Develop Microgrid Projects

Greener by Design and Compass Energy Platform Announce Partnership to Finance, Design, Build, Own, and Operate Distributed Generation and Microgrids.

We are excited to bring funding to critical projects that we have spent many years developing with Greener by Design.”

— Rick Bolton

NEW BRUNSWICK, NEW JERSEY, US, September 30, 2021 / — Greener by Design, a New Jersey-based environmental asset management firm headquartered in New Brunswick, and Compass Energy Platform, a Los-Angeles-based energy finance and development firm, announced their partnership today. The two companies will work together to design, build, own, and operate distributed generation and microgrid projects at various locations.

The partnership speaks to the increased tempo of climate change and to the growing scale and necessity of resilient clean energy projects. Technology and business models in this area have advanced significantly, as have commitments at both the state and federal level to fight climate change, protect communities, and diminish energy inequality.

“We’re proud to be working with Rick and the Compass team. We’ve been planning projects together for several years, and we now have the resources to build them. Many public and private clients of ours feel they have lost the ability to plan and grow due to the ever-increasing intensity and frequency of storms and power fluctuations. Our projects help stabilize our clients’ energy systems, bringing them resilience, sustainability, carbon reduction and economic vitality,” states Adam Zellner, President of Greener by Design.

“We are excited to bring funding to critical projects that we have spent many years developing with Greener by Design. Our approach substantially reduces project risk, with Compass financing, building, and owning these energy assets, allowing customers to avoid capital expenditures in favor of operating expense, said Rick Bolton, CEO of Compass Energy Platform. “Our co-development partnership with Greener by Design allows us to do what we do best, while GbD continues to focus on the planning and implementation work required by various project stakeholders, including the utilities and regulators.”

Compass and Greener by Design have been working for the last four years on a range of projects that includes municipally-focused microgrids in Camden and Hudson Counties, a microgrid for Adventure Crossings (a private development in Middlesex County) and several other high-profile projects. During this time, Greener by Design has expanded its footprint beyond the Middle Atlantic and is now operating throughout the 50 states and Europe.

“As the energy industry changes, we are finding a great deal of interest in our offerings. Partnering with Compass allows us to offer an even wider range of services, including project financing, helping us accelerate the goals and objectives of these projects. It also allows us to reach a wider set of clients –
municipalities and commercial entities, naturally, but also schools, housing complexes, and hospitals,” said Chuck Feinberg, Greener by Design’s EVP. “We are also deeply involved in the transportation sector and are working with Compass to develop new commercial models for transit authorities and corporate fleet electrification.”

“Given the support in Washington now for next-generation energy infrastructure, it is exactly the right time for this partnership between Compass and Greener by Design. Communities and businesses need to gain resilience and enhance economic growth, but often don’t have the funding or the expertise. This partnership will provide a “one stop shop” offering a wide range of services: financing, project design, regulatory insight, project management, stakeholder engagement. We need to build the future, and energy infrastructure is a great place to start.

About Greener by Design
Over the last 15 years GbD has helped to develop and implement some of the most comprehensive sustainability, resiliency, ESG and energy master plans throughout the United States. Our unique approach combines significant technology and regulatory knowledge with a deep understanding of power, finance, and infrastructure markets to allow us to bring clients, both public and private, innovative, and cost-effective solutions. With a strong base of multiple long-term clients, GbD has invested significant time and effort over the past few years in analyzing dozens of development opportunities for industries like data centers, indoor agriculture, and other large energy users in geographic regions across the US and increasingly, internationally, as they seek our help with the ever-increasing rules and regulations related to energy and environment.

About Compass Energy Platform
Compass Energy Platform (“Compass”) is a clean energy development and financing platform that helps municipalities, government agencies, commercial & industrial concerns, and utilities prepare for the future through district-scale energy projects that increase environmental and economic resilience. As a new kind of company, one particularly suited to the opportunities and complexities of 21st century energy infrastructure development, Compass de-risks, develops and finances every sort of distributed energy asset – microgrids, solar, wind, battery storage, CHP, fuel cells, resilient EV fleet charging, and smart city assets. Compass’ approach is rooted in public/private partnerships and in resilience/energy-as-a-service power purchase agreements. Ultimately, Compass finances, designs, builds, operates, and maintains energy projects. The beauty of this approach lies in its ability to de-risk infrastructure improvement for the counterparty, while also turning a would-be capital improvement into an off-balance-sheet operational expense. Compass thinks holistically, viewing projects in a broad context that starts with energy markets and grid value and runs to community resilience, climate change, greenhouse gas reduction, and economic development. During early-stage development, there is a focus on the project’s commercial model, knowing that every energy project must survive as a business.

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