Graphene Market Size & Share by Top 10 Players | Covered Major Segments, Regions and Key Drivers Outlook 2022-2031

Graphene has been majorly used to increase flexibility, transparency, and conductivity of electronics application and gradually evolved its reach to other application areas. The Demand For Graphene is high as it has excellent conductivity, tensile strength, transparency, and thermal stability. Graphene is being used as the preferred substitute for silicon and other incumbent materials by major manufacturers and suppliers globally.

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The North American region is the largest market of graphene, in terms of volume. The presence of large number of graphene manufacturers, universities, and research institutes collaborations, and increasing demand of graphene-based composite and coatings materials are the key drivers for the growth of the graphene market in the North American region. The growth of manufacturing industry is the major factor responsible for the growth of the graphene market in the U.S.

The dominance of the U.S. in the North American graphene market is expected to continue till 2031. The country is expected to see a steady growth rate due to continuous R&D activities for enhancement of graphene-based composite materials to fulfill the demands of fuel cells, super capacitors, and anode materials applications.

Composites are the biggest application segment of the graphene market, in terms of volume. Graphene when used in composite materials, enhance the conductivity and strength while maintaining the flexibility of the materials. Graphene-based composites are used in various end-use industries such as aerospace, automobiles, medical implants, sport equipment and engineering materials, among others. The major factors such as fuel and range efficiency, lightweight, safe and environmental friendly, ability to improve the electrical properties of rubber fuel the demand of graphene in the composites application market.

This study estimates the market by value and volume for graphene and forecasts the market size till 2031. As a part of qualitative analysis, the research study provides a comprehensive review of the major market drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges in the market. The study segments the market by type and application at country level with the current market estimation and forecast till 2031. The countries covered in the report are the U.S., Canada, Mexico, China, Japan, India, Germany, the U.K., Spain, France, Brazil, and Rest of South America. The segmentation by type includes graphene oxide, graphene nanoplatelets, and others. The segmentation by application includes electronics, composites, energy, coatings, sensors, catalysts, and others.

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The report also provides company profiles and competitive strategies adopted by the major market players, such as CVD Equipment Corporation (U.S.), Graphene NanoChem Plc. (Malaysia), Graphenea SA (Spain), Grafoid Inc. (Canada), Haydale Graphene Industries Plc. (U.K.), Group NanoXplore Inc. (Canada), Thomas Swan & Co., Ltd. (U.K.), Vorbeck Materials (U.S.), 2D Carbon Tech Inc. Ltd. (China), and XG Sciences Inc. (U.S.), among others.

Available Customizations: The following customization options are available in the report:

1. Country-level, by type, analysis and forecast

Analysis of graphene, by type market at country-level of every region

2. Company Information

Analysis and profiling of additional global as well as regional market players (Up to 3)

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