Going Deeper LLC Launches Compassion Cosmetics for trauma impacted Mothers and Daughters:

The Phoenix gets his beauty from his ashes

Women who have experienced trauma are extra beautiful

Compassion Cosmetics where empathy is our elagance

Compassion Cosmetics Where Empathy is Our Elegance”

— The Founder

BRONX, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Going Deeper LLC/ Beauty from their ashes has an announcement:

The Launch of Compassion Cosmetics: The Mission of Compassion Cosmetics where Empathy is our Elegance is to combine efforts with our main initiative: Going Deeper/ Making beauty for their Beauty from Their Ashes:
Creating employment for those who are hard to employ. Once these Mothers and Daughters are released into society , they struggle with self sufficiency.

Our Brand New Online Store: Pre view available by Request: email or text for the code.

A pre order option to help three trauma impacted mothers and daughters who are in need and celebrate our Chef and Caterer Yvonne Lopez Luke and our Logo Designer Eliza Beth

Oct 12,2021 – Oct 23, 2021 by invitation only

: This project grew out of my own struggles and my disbelief at peoples lack of willingness to create a job or call a contact.
I am a certified job and life coach and no woman is employed until we are all employed!!!!
Any purchase made at the store will give 85% to an emergency fund if the women need help with bills. Opening doors to freedom is beautiful . Opening the door to financial freedom is a whole new level. Thank you for your support

Liliana Mariia Trafficante
Going Deeper/ Making Beauty from Their Ashes
+1 646-698-1656
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