God and His Memory: Liu’s Taking on Dementia Through Theological Perspectives

Alzheimer’s & Theology: Theological Dynamic of the Human Experience of Dementia

The importance of faith in remembrance

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 28, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Memory is often a fragile thing. We often tie the existence of something to what memories we have of it. It is what decides histories and cultures for most people. To be remembered is often how we know certain people exist. The capacity to do so is of great importance to humanity. But as it is, some memories can fail. Thanks in part to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, we are able to give a name to what takes away from this important human experience. But through hope in God’s remembrance who provides a sense of purpose in the face of this disease. We need to recognize something deeply powerful that calls us to remember while we can but to trust that God will remember for us when we cannot. In “Alzheimer’s & Theology: Theological Dynamic of the Human Experience of Dementia,” one can explore how trusting in God can help greatly when dealing with such conditions.

Thomas C. Liu, BS, MA, MS, D.Min has followed the teachings of Christ since his senior year in University. He graduated from Tianan National Cheng Kung University then pursued a short career as a Lieutenant in the Chinese Army Corp of Engineers. He then pursued his career and further studies in engineering in the US, receiving his MA from Covenant Seminary and MS from Washington University. At 80, he received a Doctor of Ministry degree from Houston Graduate School of Theology. He now spends more time writing and researching as well as spending time with his family.

“Alzheimer’s & Theology: Theological Dynamic of the Human Experience of Dementia” was inspired by Thomas Liu’s own aging. It aims to affirm people with the condition that it will not necessarily lead to the end of their lives. Through God’s love and Christ, one can draw hope and a sense of purpose despite the challenges of the disease. By holding on to this hope, one can have something to keep them going and something to remember. As Alzheimer’s and dementia often take away one’s ability to remember, attaching your remembrance to faith can help comfort and ground you during the healing process. Because of this dreaded disease which not only steals a person’s identity but also a person’s dignity and even life, finding a cure is imminent. Every 65 minutes a person in America will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. This author sees the urgency to find cures, he is willing to donate all proceeds from book sales. to A.D. Research Center.

Put your faith and remembrance in hope. Shift your view with your own copy of “Alzheimer’s & Theology: Theological Dynamic of the Human Experience of Dementia” today!

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