Global NeuroTech Industry Investment Digest 2021

NeuroTech Analytics Has Profiled and Analyzed the 2021 Global NeuroTech Industry Investments, Covering 1,200+ Companies, Investors, and Hubs

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 14, 2021 / — NeuroTech Analytics, a subsidiary of Deep Knowledge Group, releases an open-access, 55-page investment digest to provide tangible industry investment insights, market trends, and information about leading companies and investors: NeuroTech Industry Investment Digest 2021.

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Investment Digest summarises key players and observations in the private equity and venture capital ecosystem, focusing on the NeuroTech industry. The report delivers information about major industry trends and sector insights, more than 1,200 promising NeuroTech companies, 50 leading investors in this sector, and more than 90 NeuroTech-focused publicly traded corporations. The digest and associated IT-Platform also outline major investment rounds and relevant R&D trends, illustrating the industry traction and the readiness of institutional investors (big pharma/biotech) to acquire most successful NeuroTech startups.

Neurotech is now regularly embraced as an essential topic of interest for panel discussions and entire conference series by top-tier finance and business media brands, including The Economist, the Financial Times, and Bloomberg. As the technology continues to evolve, meeting the needs of the developing market will require dynamic approaches in understanding and delivering the types of goods and services demanded.

Based on a comprehensive analysis of key market players and overall industry dynamics, the project has identified some significant trends and insights about the investment landscape, R&D collaborations, and many other essential aspects in its first iteration. Some of the analysis’s takeaways include the following:
The investment in NeuroTech is relatively small compared to other areas of medicine and BioTech. Still, today there is a growing number of neurological disorders, so the development of neurotechnologies has become an essential part of our future life. The industry has witnessed an inflow of considerable investment estimated at $6.1 billion. The overall investments in NeuroTech companies amount to $33.2 billion. Interest in the NeuroTech industry is steadily growing. Among all sectors in the industry, neuropharmacology companies tend to have more funding.

The US is a strong leader in the industry. With a 53.6% share of the total number of companies, the USA is far ahead of Europe, the second-biggest area with 20.3%. Only 5.7% of companies belong to Asian countries, although Asian NeuroTech sector has grown significantly in recent years.

Despite the small number of companies, China and India are increasing total investments, and their companies are growing in size.

Even though an impressive amount has been accomplished in neuroscience over the last several years (including a recent presentation by Neuralink), only exceptional startups based on novel high-promise applications have entered the mass market due to a general lack of awareness of the products and expensive R&D costs.

The COVID-19 pandemic had a negative impact on the industry, especially on public companies, in 2020. Despite this, NeuroTech companies had recovered by the end of the year.

The first months of 2021 have seen strong interest in funding the NeuroTech industry. Funding amount has already reached $2.4 billion in 2021.

Major financial takeaways in the NeuroTech industry are the following:
Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the global NeuroTech industry received the highest number of investments ever. During 2020 we observed $6.1 billion of investments, which is 62% more than in 2019.
The United States is a top leader in total funds raised by neurotech companies. During the last 30 years, $22.56 billion was invested in 649 US-backed startups and corporations.
Out of over 315 neurotech companies funded in 2020, more than 80 closed large-sum late-stage venture capital rounds (B, C, and D). We expect some of them to go public in 2021-2022.
2020 was marked by five successful IPOs in the neurotech sector: Annexon Biosciences, Annovis Bio, Taysha Gene Therapies, CleneNanomedicine, and Synaptogenix.
Despite the global funding boom in private investments, public neurotech companies received a severe blow at their stock indicators with a 25% loss of capitalization. They recovered only at the end of the year.
In 2021, among the most successful fundings were Hinge Health ($300M), Neurelis ($114M), and Atalanta Therapeutics ($110M).

The data in NeuroTech Investment Digest are presented and visualized so as to enable strategic decision-makers to extract insights and other valuable, tangible information more easily, with the ultimate aim of optimizing their investment management strategies, assisting and promoting the accelerated growth of the NeuroTech industry as a whole.

The release marks an enhancement of the NeuroTech Analytics’ previous report, “Global NeuroTech Industry Landscape Overview 2020,” which was dedicated to providing comprehensive market mapping and landscape analysis in 2020 to identify the key players in NeuroTech, to understand the broad context in which they are operating, and how they are deploying their strategy, products, and technologies for investors, customers and other relevant parties.

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