Gia Gasparino investigates Lyme disease treatments for pets

Gia Gasparino

Gia Gasparino is a long-time Lyme disease sufferer and an advocate for awareness surrounding the condition.

SANTA MONICA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 7, 2021 / — Lyme disease awareness advocate Gia Gasparino delves into the most effective veterinary care options for pets diagnosed with the condition.

Gia Gasparino is a long-time Lyme disease sufferer and an advocate for awareness surrounding the condition. Gasparino has spent years researching ways to treat Lyme, including options for beloved pets also struck down with the disease.

“A growing problem here in the United States, Lyme disease can affect anyone,” explains Gia Gasparino, speaking from her home in Preston, Connecticut, “including our beloved pets.”

Gasparino was herself diagnosed with Lyme disease several years ago. Today, she’s committed, she says, to educating others on Lyme prevention, awareness, and treatment. “I do so so that others do not have to experience or battle the crippling debilitation from chronic Lyme that I have,” adds the qualified clinical esthetician.

After moving back to her home state, Connecticut, Gia Gasparino contracted Lyme disease—one of the most prevalent areas of the country for Lyme—while taking a hike with her dog. Within days, her health began to deteriorate rapidly. Yet, it would take almost a year for her to receive a diagnosis of Lyme disease. “What’s more, my best friend and my love, my dog Bear Bear, had contracted Lyme disease, too,” she reveals.

Bear’s diagnosis quickly led Gasparino to search for veterinary care options for pets affected by Lyme disease. The pair would each be treated with a short, 4-week course of the antibiotic doxycycline – something that would prove ineffective in both cases.

Accordingly, clinical esthetician Gia took up finding alternative treatments for both humans and canines living with the condition.

Holistic treatments coupled with modern medicine -antibiotics, says Gia Gasparino.

While Gia Gasparino had slowly begun to get her Lyme disease management under control, her search for pet-friendly treatments would continue. Gasparino’s care eventually came to consist of various types of antibiotics, along with a myriad of vitamins and natural remedies. “It saved my life,” she reveals.

Shortly after, Bear Bear was started on a longer course of antibiotics plus holistic treatments and vitamins by a veterinarian knowledgeable in Lyme disease. But, sadly, and despite Gia and their veterinarian’s best efforts, he passed away a few short years later at the age of just six.

Gasparino believes that a longer course of antibiotics, administered early, and supported by vitamins and other natural remedies, may be essential to treat pets’ conditions successfully. “Time is of the essence,” she adds, “both in people and pets, so it’s crucial to find a doctor or veterinarian who is literate in Lyme disease as soon as possible.”

Gia Gasparino fights her Lyme disease battle and struggles with a list of daily symptoms, including fatigue, body pain, and headaches. Outside of her efforts surrounding Lyme disease awareness and support, her other passions range from clinical and organic skincare to ASPCA animal rescue and protection, including Team ASPCA fundraising and volunteering.

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