Gearlab Outdoors Launches first-of-a-kind “Rolling Float”

Practice Rolling with Confidence

A kayak roll training device

Doubles as paddle float

Innovative and versatile new product is both a training aid for rolling and a paddle float for rescue techniques.

TAIPEI CITY, TAIWAN, September 30, 2021 / — Gearlab Outdoors continues its recent trend of bringing original and creative solutions to the world of kayaking with its brand new product, the Rolling Float. A two-in-one piece of gear, the Rolling Float is primarily a training aid, aimed at helping sea kayakers learn and practice their roll with added buoyancy and support.

Learning to roll with good technique is an essential sea-kayaking skill, giving the paddler confidence to tackle more challenging conditions, safe in the knowledge that if they should capsize, a quick roll will have them upright in their boat once more. Having a reliable roll removes the need to perform a ‘Wet-exit’, re-entry and then having to bail water out of the boat, a tiring and somewhat cumbersome process.

The Rolling Float can be gripped in a variety of ways, using one or both of the handles, depending on the roll being practiced and promises to help the paddler activate the correct muscles in order to easily and efficiently roll the kayak back up, utilizing their body’s natural buoyancy and balance. As it offers far more buoyancy than a paddle, users will be able to roll with less effort and energy expended while they work on improving their technique. This reduces the chance of failed rolls leading to tiring wet-exits.

Chungshih from Gearlab Outdoors describes the Rolling Float as being like “training wheels for a bicycle”. As technique improves, the kayaker can graduate to rolling with only a paddle. As such, the product will be attractive to both beginner paddlers and kayaking schools and instructors, looking for a more gentle way to introduce rolling and to allow students to practice with confidence and develop good habits early.

Once the user has mastered their roll and no longer requires aid from the Rolling Float, the product remains useful as a regular paddle float, which fits both Greenland and Euro-blade styles of paddles. Paddle floats are important pieces of safety equipment, making it much easier to perform a self-rescue and get back in a kayak after a wet-exit. This one has an innovative roll-up design to save deck space and can be handily stashed in a deck-pod or under deck-rigging.

With such multi-purpose functionality, a slick, space-saving design and classic Gearlab good looks, the Rolling Float will likely become a firm favourite and essential piece of kit for sea-kayakers of all levels.

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Gearlab Outdoors
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