From Tubes to Tennis Rackets

With the help of Solatube International, a Second Serve shipment of gently used tennis equipment arrives in Kampala, Uganda.

Solatube is the leading manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Skylights.

Solatube Serves up Hope with Second Serve

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, May 27, 2021 / — Being the worldwide leading manufacturer and marketer of Tubular Skylights, Solatube International Inc. is used to brightening people’s lives. But today, Solatube is lending support to communities near and far and serving up hope by donating its shipping facility to Second Serve.

Second Serve is a youth-run nonprofit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of underprivileged children who love tennis by redistributing gently used tennis equipment to underserved communities. Second Serve not only donates to a multitude of low-income communities throughout the United States but also around the world. They support children who have a passion for tennis in 15 countries, including Uganda, China, Mexico, India, Argentina, Nigeria, Rwanda, Haiti, Ethiopia, Chile, Scotland, and Zimbabwe.

“Solatube is a giving company. Over the 14 years I have worked for Solatube International, we have always tried to help our community in any way we can. When I learned that there was a group of local young women who were collecting tennis equipment to donate to underprivileged kids around the world but didn’t have the resources to get their shipments where they needed to go, I knew we could help them,” said Tim Deming, director of marketing for Solatube International.

“Solatube ships to over 120 countries and we have the network to get the donations where they were needed most. Thanks to Solatube’s incredible warehouse manager John Spencer, and his team in the shipping department, the first round of shipments arrived seamlessly and soon more will follow,” added Deming.

This month, a shipment of more than 400 items, including tennis rackets, shoes, bags, reusable water bottles and clothing were sent to underprivileged kids in Haiti, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

“We are so grateful for Solatube’s help! We were having tremendous trouble getting our tennis equipment shipped around the world. When Solatube stepped up, we were finally able to have our shipments arrive with little issues, said Emily D., Regional President of Fallbrook and Director of International Logistics for Second Serve. “It’s so amazing to see the smiles on the kids’ faces when they receive the tennis equipment and get a chance to play. It warms my heart to see how big of a difference Second Serve has had,” she added.

The Solatube team is no stranger to helping others. In 2020, during the pandemic, they turned their manufacturing facility into a place where much-needed PPE was created and distributed to hospitals and police departments around the country. The company is celebrating its 30th Anniversary this year.

About Solatube International
Solatube International, Inc., widely recognized as the daylighting industry innovator, has earned worldwide acclaim for its unrivaled ability to transform interior spaces with natural light. Based in California, the company is the leading manufacturer and marketer of tubular daylighting devices (TDDs) for all types of residential and commercial applications, and residential energy-efficient home ventilation systems. Solatube continues to innovate with groundbreaking products that increase energy efficiency and light output and were among the first innovations to receive the “Solar Impulse Efficient Solution” Label by The Solar Impulse Foundation, recognizing all the effort and innovative developments it has made to become a recognized energy-efficient solution. Solatube is currently celebrating its 30th Anniversary. For more information about the company and its related products, visit

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