Freedom Founders Mastermind Now Accepting New Members

An industry leader in dental retirement investing is accepting applications for new members.

ROCKWALL, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, September 13, 2021 / — Representatives with Freedom Founders today announced that its Elite group is now accepting applications for new members.

“When you join the Freedom Founders Mastermind, you enter a community that cares,” said Dr. David Phelps, Founder, and CEO and spokesperson for Freedom Founders. “WIn the right hands, our process is life changing.”

Dr. Phelps explained that if you want more control over your retirement, your cash flow, and your net worth – Freedom Founders can help. Freedom is about creating choices and options long before a distant retirement age.

Thanks to Dr. Phelps, its Trusted Advisors, and the numerous dentists, orthodontists, and doctors who have joined Freedom Founders, its Elite community is now a thriving group of professionals on the road to success.

“We share our knowledge, our experience, and our passion, which has formed a bond that often feels like a family,” said Dr. Phelps. “But it all starts with a short conversation. We invite you to today.”

In addition to Freedom Founders Elite community accepting new members, Dr. Phelps noted that its Freedom Founders’ Path to Freedom Digital Newsletter for practice professionals is also now available through a free subscription.

“My goal is to help you change your mindset, learn key investing principles, and think like a wealth creator,” Dr. Phelps said before adding, “This publication is packed with strategies, principles, and techniques. It’s an easy 30-minute read that will expand your mind and unlock wealth-building potential to catapult you from high income to high net worth.”

With just 30 minutes each month, according to Dr. Phelps, subscribers will get inside access to techniques and strategies that will help them:

• Stop relying on trading time for dollars to create monthly cash flow.

• Calculate if you “have enough” to quit or slow down… and how to make your capital nest egg last for the rest of your life. No more guesswork!

• Protect your hard-earned wealth from the market roller coaster.

• Learn why Relationship Capital is your greatest asset and how you can leverage this asset now.

• Invest “tax smart” and mitigate the tax target most high-income practice owners unwittingly wear on their backs.

• Take specific action steps now to take advantage of future market shifts and corrections.

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At Freedom Founders, our members invest in real, tangible assets that create sustainable cash flow – not Wall Street paper.

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