France Packaging Market Scope, Future Trends with Fastest Growing Regions and Countries Report 2022-2031

France packaging market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 1.76% in the forecast period. The French economy has one of the world’s largest GDPs, and the French packaging market is among the largest and the most attractive and mature in the world due to its size and the level of demand from domestic consumption. One of the major reason for slow growth is market becoming mature in terms of packaging solution adoption in the nation.

– The moderately growing market, influenced by changing demographics and factors such as urbanization, as well as employment rates, have a clear impact on consumer spending power and purchasing habits. Due to these changes, the need for new packaging types such as convenience, value-for-money, multi-packs, and smaller single-serve packs are increasing. In terms of packaging material, rigid plastics and flexible packaging are leading the market.

– Also, the growth in the number of tourists in France is causing increased demand for traditional French food and beverages and the extended used of multi-lingual labels for traditional French products. Hence, these factors are expected to drive market growth.

– However, wine consumption has decreased in France, and this decline is expected to considerably impact the demand for glass bottles, which are used for wine packaging. Also, the high rate of unemployment in France coupled with low disposable income is impacting consumer purchase decisions who lookout for low-cost goods. Hence, these factors are restraining the market growth.

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Scope of the Report

The packaging industry plays a crucial role, adding value to various manufacturing sectors including agriculture, pharma, retail, FMCG, etc. The packaging industry in France is segmented by various end-user verticals.

Key Market Trends

Flexible Packaging is Estimated to have Relatively High Market Share

– Flexible packaging is a package type whose shape can be readily changed, e.g., bags and pouches. Flexible packaging is leading the way in packaging innovation, as it ensures food safety and extends shelf life. It is also able to follow one of the most important trends in the packaging industry is product protection, packaging design and performance, consumer convenience, and sustainability, which positively impacts the environment, consumers, and businesses.

– Some other factors stimulating the growth of the market in the region are that it also generates less waste, significantly reducing landfill discards. Even lighter-weight flexible packaging results in less transportation-related energy and fossil fuel consumption and environmental pollution.

– Further, innovations in technology in the packaging industry have enabled flexible packaging manufacturers to use fewer natural resources in the creation of their packaging, and improvements in production processes have reduced water and energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds.

– Flexible packaging has experienced substantial positive growth in France. As cheaper and lighter weight packaging is gaining popularity in France, it is encouraging manufacturers to use Flexible packaging for different products, and hence, the factors responsible for the growing trend.

– Also, many companies in the region are expanding through partnerships or investments in technology. For instance, In January 2019, Koehler Paper Group partnered with the company Wilfried Heinzel as its sales partner for flexible packaging papers in France, Spain, and Portugal.

Plastic Expected to be the Most Used Packaging Material

– Plastic packaging holds the largest share in the French packaging industry by material type. The material’s ability to produce lightweight packages, ease of handling, ability to mold into various shapes, speedy transportation, and reduced cost helps it to attain prominence.

– Also, the increased use of plastic packaging in non-traditional sectors such as wine and other traditional sectors such as food and beverages, healthcare, etc., is ensuring that the growth of plastic packaging is maintained.

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– However, sustainable packaging is gaining importance worldwide, and the manufacturers are becoming more focused on reducing packaging waste, reducing the carbon footprint of production and transportation.

– They are also focusing on increasing the use of recycled content in their packaging, and further light weighting packaging to reduce the number of materials used to develop sustainable packaging.

– Also, France has an ambitious plan to recycle all its plastic packaging waste by 2031. To meet this goal, France has decided to impose a tax on the packaging that is not made from recycled material from 2019. The region has also introduced a deposit scheme on plastic bottles.

Competitive Landscape

The competitive landscape of France packaging market is moderately fragmented with a large number of packaging vendors available in the region. Also, the competition level amongst these vendors is high due to the various innovations and investments done by the companies. Companies are also undergoing acquisitions to strengthen their product portfolio hence increasing their market share.

– May 2019 – Amcor Limited and Bemis Company, Inc. announced that regulatory clearance has been received from the US Department of Justice in relation to the combination of the two companies. A condition of this approval is the previously announced sale of certain Amcor assets located in the US to Tekni-Plex, Inc.

– January 2019 – DS Smith PLC, a leading international packaging business, completed the takeover of Spain’s Europac group, a leading Western European integrated packaging business.

– April 2019 – Amcor launched new recyclable packaging, which is AmLite Ultra Recyclable. It is unique and high-barrier flexible packaging that can reduce a pack’s carbon footprint by up to 64%.

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