Folding Carton in Healthcare Market Size, Share, Emerging Trends, Product Type, Future Growth, Revenue Analysis, Demand Forecast, Leading Key Players 2022-2031

The Folding carton market for the Healthcare market is expected to register a CAGR of 4.12% during this forecast period. Moreover, this Healthcare segment is defined by regulatory requirements for quality, flexibility in the packaging of various drug products, and client requirements aligned to these products. However, the major vendors in this market also provide customized folded carton packaging solutions for its customers.

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– Additionally, in 2022 Unipak, Inc offered a digitally printed folding carton solution for MediNatura, a leader in homeopathic pain relief. Unipak provided an eye-catching folded carton solutions which were highlighted with a spot UV and matte varnish.

– The demand for environmentally sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions for medicines and associated products is also influencing the Growth Of Folded Carton Packaging For This Market. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, 80 million tons of packaging wastes are generated from the United States each year.

– Moreover, the introduction of advanced technology such as RFID, NFC is used in different packaging solutions to reduce the issues of counterfeiting and non-adherence in various pharmaceutical companies. Most of the drug manufacturers are using this technology to reduce medical errors and to improve the safety of their products during transportation. For instance, Hanmi Pharmaceutical Co recently implemented RFID tags to overcome to increase efficiency and to monitor the product movements.

– However, the rapidly changing price of raw material and changes in the foreign currency exchange rate can negatively impact the net demand of this product. Most of the raw materials of these products are derived from crude oil, which is primarily utilized during any manufacturing process. Furthermore, the regular fluctuations in wood pulp prices can also create a significant market restraint for this company.

Key Market Trends

Digital Printing will hold the Largest Market Share

– The printed Folded Carton packaging is multiplying because it can enhance the visibility of the products and can also increase the buyer’s attention in any product. Moreover, the growing awareness of personalized packaging is also supporting the growth of this market. For instance, Netpak started to provide digitally printed Folded Carton solutions, which can offer higher durability and safety for the pharma products.

– Moreover, Fujifilm offers jet press 750S printers, which are widely used to produce the digitally printed folded carton in the healthcare segment. Recently in 2022, EU countries incorporated new safety features for product packaging, which included a 2D data matrix code for every pharma company. Moreover, according to the EU, this impacted 400,000 pharmacies in Europe. Hence this safety feature can increase the demand for digitally printed folded cartons in Europe.

– For instance, Faller Packaging introduced a 2D data matrix code for healthcare companies. It also incorporated NFC and QR codes and customized digitally printed cartons, which can increase the attractiveness of over-the-counter medical products at the point of sale.

– Major vendors in the printing market are also innovating their existing products to introduce innovative printers, which can help them to gain some competitive advantage over others. Mitsubishi launched a metalized inkjet paper for extraordinary labels, and it also presented a metallic-silver-gloss inkjet paper that is suitable for self-adhesive label applications in Pharma industries. Hence, the increasing shipments of the digitally printed folded carton are supports to meet the demand of the market. According to the packaging strategies forecast, the volume of folding carton shipments in the United States will be 5008 tons by 2021.

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Asia Pacific is the Fastest Growing Region for this Market

– The Pharmaceutical industry in this region is overgrowing due to the aging population and the impending expiry of patented drugs. According to the OECD data, the older adults of China and Australia are 11.2% and 15.6%, respectively. Moreover, the increasing urbanization rate in China, India, and Japan is influencing the growth of this market.

– The rising awareness about environmental sustainability is also supporting the growth of this market. The governments in this region are also introducing different laws and regulations to reduce packaging wastes. For instance, The per capita plastic consumption in India is 11 Kgs, and the Indian Government wanted to cut down the use of single plastics by 2022.

– Moreover, the rapidly growing e-pharma industries are also surging the demand of folded carton products for this region. Additionally, Governments are also investing a considerable amount of money in restructuring the pharma industries in this region. For instance, the Indian Government increased 18.6% budgetary allocations for healthcare over the next five years and also attracting pharma investment by intending to set up pharma parks in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, and Haryana.

– Major vendors in this region are also increasing their production capacity to create a unique advantage over its other competitors. For instance, in 2022, Rengo Co. Ltd recently started its production in the Matsumoto Plant, which not only increased its production capacity but also its innovative technologies improved the quality of its carton products.

Competitive Landscape

The Folded Carton for the Healthcare market is highly competitive. Hence the market concentration for this market is low. The major vendors in this market are investing a vast amount of money in their production capacity to meet the demand of their customers. Some of the major players for this market are DS Smith, Edelmann Group, CCL Industries​, Multi Packaging Solutions (WestRock)​ , etc.

– June 2022: Jones Healthcare Group invested in its packaging services to offer a new, fully integrated two-lane Uhlmann blister packaging line. This investment provides the highest quality, productivity, and flexibility for blister packaging and also enhances the firm’s capacity to manage the unique demand of its customers.

– February 2022: Nosco Inc completed its acquisition of Haapanen Brothers Inc, a full-service graphics arts and printed company. This acquisition not only increases its customer base but also improves the efficiency of customized printed packaging solutions.

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