FMCG Growth Trajectory Supported By Rapid-Pace Market Research Tool

AUSTRALIA, February 25, 2021 / — After an unprecedented year of swift expansion, the marketplace for FMCG is predicted to continue growth and diversification in the coming year. Glow, a leading Australian-based market research platform, has expanded its technology capabilities in response to this uptick in FMCG by launching a refined tool to support the necessary rapid pace research process. With capabilities to provide quick, quality data and real-time insights visualisation, the refined Glow FMCG research platform is available from March as part of Glow’s foray into the Nielsen Connect Partner Network in the USA and UK.

The Glow research platform generates the provision of global consumer sentiments, and the firm has skilled insights staff to facilitate the swift use of its platform. Real-time consumer opinion is set to become a cornerstone of the FMCG research process.

“We’ve seen that quick access to accurate real-time consumer sentiment plays a vital role in successful strategic planning for the FMCG market,” states Tim Clover, CEO of Glow. “Our platform enables teams to gain a deeper understanding of market whitespace and competitive landscapes within specific product markets — which leads to more successful product development.”

Expansion of Glow’s super-fast research tech was developed after consumer goods businesses began to adapt the platform’s quick-pace primary research capabilities to FMCG. A canned fish business used Glow to inform the direction of a new shopper category, de-risking a new product offering before launch.

A sliced meat brand made use of Glow tools to gather up-to-date market segment insights within a two week period. The Glow platform has also been used to carry out consumer research on overall supermarket shopping behaviour, plus customer reviews and feedback on many individual FMCG products.

The automated real-time reporting within the agile Glow platform ensures quick access to real-time data and consumer insights, with survey responses available in as little as 72 hours.

“We know that accurate real-time reporting is crucial in the FMCG market, as consumer preferences can change day by day. Gaining access to rapid speed insights is the key to keeping up with marketplace changes and offering products to meet real-time needs,” states Clover. “The Glow platform combines rapid pace data and real time analysis capabilities, pairing it with skilled insights staff on hand to support the use of the platform — ensuring businesses can gain quick insight into each product market.”

Glow offers access to a global panel of respondents, supported by insights experts to assist in using the tool. With offices across Australia, UK, and Asia, Glow looks ahead to assisting businesses with ongoing FMCG research processes.

Australian Financial Review reports that sales growth in supermarkets, which increased vastly last year, is expected to remain elevated throughout 2021. In the UK, the market is similar — The Guardian reports that December brought a record month for supermarket sales. This increase of demand in the FMCG market is a trend that is predicted to remain high throughout the forthcoming year.


About Glow: Glow is a leading market research platform. Founded with the central goal of delivering rapid response consumer insights to enable nimble decision making, Glow has made headway in the democratisation of research via a cloud-based tool which empowers business to understand, measure and extract quick turnaround public insights to support evolving organisational needs and objectives.

Glow delivers a specialised customer insights ecosystem, with easy-to-use tools and resources to inform a deep understanding of consumer and client sentiment. Its cost-effective, speed to insights capabilities means Glow is rapidly becoming a leading global research platform used by corporations and SMEs.

Glow is a member of the Nielsen Connect Partner Network, the data industry’s largest open ecosystem of technology-driven solutions providers for researchers, corporations and governments.

Glow is a research technology business with no political affiliations.

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