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Flooring Domain is expanding out of Australia and is now offering its award-winning platform that links customers with flooring contractors in the US

US, August 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Flooring Domain – a service that connects customers to flooring contractors – is expanding to the US market. The platform, originally based in Australia, believes that now is the time to expand its operations and offer its innovative services to the world’s largest flooring market.

Flooring Domain serves both domestic consumers and flooring services businesses. For consumers, it gathers “the best flooring professionals from all over the US” providing “something for everyone.” And for contractors, it provides a large abundance of potential customers, allowing them to diversify beyond their existing selling channels.

To use the service, consumers must first create a job post on the site and describe the work that they want to be done in as much detail as they can. Once they post a job, they must then wait for flooring contractors to make offers. Contractors will search job listings and then provide quotes for work they think they can perform. Consumers can then compare contractors and pick the one that offers the best deal.

Like other platforms of its type, Flooring Domain aims to make the process as simple as it can. The site offers US customers tools that they can use to both pay contractors and exchange reviews. It also includes a list of top flooring contractors by region for consumers who may not be familiar with the market.

Flooring Domain hopes that the platform will make it easier for customers to find solutions that fit their budgets and requirements. Instead of having to trawl through numerous search results, it says, customers can immediately see all of the options available to them in their area with “a click of a button.” They can then use the platform’s tools to continue comparing results and find the contractor best suited to their needs.

The ability to refine results is something that Flooring Domain prioritizes. Customers can arrange options by budget and contractor review quality. They can also adjust their selection by legitimacy and experience.

Flooring Domain provides a web portal for flooring material manufacturers that allows them to present and promote their products to consumers. This way, anyone buying flooring – whether for a home or business – can learn more about their options and whether they will work for their applications.

Customers can compare product offerings depending on their needs. Flooring Domain’s tool presents options by application, speeding up the buying cycle.

Flooring Domain is a relative newcomer to the market, getting its start in 2017 in Queensland. Since then it has won numerous awards for its services providing a direct link between businesses offering floor covering services and consumers. The creators believe that the platform benefits all parties. Businesses have opportunities to expand their reach and build their brands, while customers have greater choice. The hope is that the service will improve the reputation of local flooring businesses and improve quality.

Customers can find a vast range of flooring options on the Flooring Domain to suit practically any requirement. The site hosts contractors offering regular carpeting and tiling plus decking, paving concreting, and turf services. Customers can also request many types of flooring-related work via the site, besides installation. Service options include supply and delivery of raw materials, flooring repair, preparation work, cleaning, paint and coating, and sanding and polishing.

Flooring Domain’s aim is to provide customers with convenience. The new portal for the US market is part of its goal to “build a solution that [makes] it easy to find anything related to flooring, carpet, decking, and more.”

The platform’s efforts are part of a wider trend to improve how contractor markets function using technology. Similar services exist for finding technical workers in the telecommunications industry or people just looking for buildings to construct their homes. With Flooring Domain’s latest drive, these platforms are becoming more niche.

The platform is growing in popularity every year. New contractors join regularly to experience the benefits of expanding their markets. Customers like it too because it drives quality and helps them avoid paying unnecessarily high prices. If they are not happy with a particular quote, they can ask the contractor to lower their offer or simply choose somebody else.

If you would like to find out more about Flooring Domain’s new US services and how to use them, please visit Flooring Domain website today www.flooringdomain.us and www.flooringdomain.com.au

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