flexiWan Reaffirms the Importance of the Partnership with Venko Networks in Brazil

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Venko Networks has partnered with flexiWAN, the world’s first open source SD-WAN & SASE, for delivering SD-WAN services in LatAm

As it is actively contributing to the enhancement of the platform through intensive testing, Venko Networks is today an expert in flexiWAN and thus, offers high value to the customers it serves.”

— Amir Zmora, Co-founder & CEO of flexiWAN

PORTO ALEGRE, RS, BRAZIL, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Venko Networks, a leader in open-source connectivity solutions, has partnered with flexiWAN, the world’s first open source SD-WAN & SASE for delivering SD-WAN services in LatAm. Since the service has been launched in 2020, the flexiWAN SaaS communication suite has been offering next-generation connectivity to diverse market segments using the service for their production networks in large-scale deployments. Several Industries served include:

Retail – SD-WAN for retailers enables reliable connectivity for mission-critical applications such as POS across multiple locations;

Government – SD-WAN orchestrates and maintain all public entities of the city hall, schools, hospitals always connected;

Education – high-speed connectivity between campuses, connecting schools or universities;

Health – ensures reliable and quality connectivity for critical use cases such as medical screenings and data exchange utilizing multiple providers and interfaces.

“flexiWAN is a disruptor in the SD-WAN and enterprise networking and security space. A key part of this revolution is the trend for network technologies to become software-only, allowing the changes we’ve seen in operating systems, browsers and databases to take place in this segment as well.” said Ricardo Pianta, Co-founder and CEO of Venko Networks. “flexiWAN is offering a unique solution to the market not only because it is the only open source in this field but also due to its open software architecture and SaaS business model.” 

Still heavily hardware-based, networking technologies are in the process of transformation and the future will be dictated by those who adapt best, or, even more accurately, help create the path.

With these premises, flexiWAN launched the world’s first SD-WAN Open Source & SASE, initiating the fall of the routing monopoly and offering a viable, sustainable and robust alternative to the true vendor lock-in that providers and companies currently face in the market of corporate networks.

The software-defined network (SD-WAN) disaggregated and open source not only generates greater freedom, allowing the use of generic hardware (white box), in bare metal or universal CPEs configurations, but also provides a faster and more robust evolution of the technology as it collaborates with global technology partners and constantly updates and improves the solution.

Joining leading companies such as Telefónica that is already a customer of flexiWAN, Venko Networks is an official flexiWAN partner in Brazil, bringing the world’s most advanced technology in corporate networks to the country.

Serving thousands of customers, Venko not only offers SD-WAN and Zero Trust security, but also brings local expertise, technical support and partnerships with local service providers and technology companies.

“Venko Networks is a valuable partner of flexiWAN in the LatAm market. Said Amir Zmora, Co-founder & CEO of flexiWAN. “As Venko Networks is actively contributing to the enhancement of the platform through intensive testing, feedback and other technical activities, Venko Networks is today an expert in flexiWAN and thus, offers high value to the customers it serves.”

In Venko’s vision, this is the type of partnership that aligns with its values ​​and purposes, permeated in its solutions. Whether in R&D, SD-WAN, XGS-PON, uCPE or Network Security, the company focuses on software disruption and protagonism, as it believes that more seamless and free connections between companies, people and opportunities makes the world a better place.

About Venko Networks

Venko Networks was founded by experts in connectivity, where innovation is key to business. Company’s main orientations are centered on strong beliefs in freedom of choice, open standards, disaggregation between hardware and virtualized network functions and software oriented solutions.
With operations in the USA and Brazil, Venko has established a series of strategic alliances with leading and innovative companies, representing them commercially and technically.

In LatAm, it has an important focus on Operators and ISPs, acting as integrator and enabler of technologies and solutions.

To learn more, visit www.venkonetworks.com

About flexiWAN

flexiWAN is on a mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN & SASE markets. With its “3 World Firsts”: First open source SD-WAN & SASE; First SD-WAN & SASE applications store; First SD-WAN & SASE SaaS business model, flexiWAN offers a different and open approach to networking.

To learn more, visit www.flexiwan.com, and follow the company on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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