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The 100% Plastic-Free, Biodegradable Company Moving Tea into a Greener Future Launches at Fresh Market Grocery Store

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, August 17, 2021 / — Customers around the country can now bring home the whole leaf, whole herb and whole spice tea from their local Fresh Market. With locations throughout the South, Northeast and Midwest, the grocery store is known for its artisanal roots and dedication to exceptional products. Luckily for tea lovers and folks who are looking to incorporate the stress-reducing, healthful ritual of tea drinking into their lives, Oteas’ variety of fully compostable teas are now stocked on shelves at the market’s 159 stores in 22 states.

Beyond creating a whole tea experience for people who enjoy the floral or herbaceous hot beverage, the British Columbia-based company is on a mission to inspire the tea industry to turn over a new leaf.

The global tea market is expected to be 318 billion dollars by 2025 – making tea bags one of the next single-use plastic problems facing humanity, following water bottles and plastic shopping bags. Currently, Oteas is the one of the only teas in North America to obtain a plastic-free certification, which makes it easy for customers who drink it to recycle and compost.

Despite Oteas chunky tea bags chock full of dried, whole ingredients (keeping the plants’ nutrients more intact when steeped), every part of the bag and its packaging are 100% plastic-free and biodegradable. After picking up the product from Fresh Market and enjoying a cuppa at home, just toss plant-based bag and package into the home compost bin. Along with food scraps and yard waste, the bags will disappear within 12 weeks.

As single-use plastic bans continue to grow (already implemented in eight U.S. states), Oteas is the perfect solution to lowering the carbon footprint while satiating your love of quality tea. From classic blends like Earl Grey, English Breakfast, green teas and black tea with turmeric to Chai teas, fruity and herbal blends and signature blends like Immuni-Tea, Beau-Tea Nighttime, Hey-Dude Hemp Tea and Sereni-Tea, Oteas has something for everyone.

To elevate human wellness, Oteas believes the environment doesn’t have to be compromised. It’s as simple as creating great taste and less waste.

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