Favour Ori CEO streamlines talent acquisition, management via innovation

Favour Ori CEO keeps the focus on business growth and talent with new startups and previous successes.

VANCOUVER, CANADA, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fueling the growth of every successful enterprise is a dynamic workforce ready to meet the needs of a company and fuel growth. Favour Ori CEO understands this from his experience as the leader of multiple successful businesses and as the creator of innovative tools to help other businesses expand. 

Through his short career as a tech entrepreneur, Favour Ori CEO has focused on elevating the next generation of talent in Africa and beyond through unique solutions to common issues both tech talent and creatives face. 

Favour Ori CEO’s background
As a young talent from Africa, Favour Ori CEO realizes the importance of providing the next generation of engineers and design professionals with the best tools possible early in their career to allow the development of key skills and the rapid expansion of a professional network and client base. 

His interest in these areas flourished after he left Africa for Southern Arkansas University and started to network with other professionals at conferences where he served as a featured speaker. From his first development project in the space, Favour Ori CEO has continued his interest in furthering the careers of others. 

Favour Ori CEO’s history in product development
As a professional, Favour Ori CEO first launched FavCode54. This enterprise-focused on helping Africans launch tech careers and develop additional skills. The enterprise was so well received it had the backing of IBM Canada. IBM Canada provided students with resources such as Cloud and Watson to help them develop real-world cloud products. The total value of these tools exceeded $90 million. 

Through FavCode 54, the next generation of software developers received mentorship and access to a dynamic online portal of prerecorded classes, high-quality learning resources and materials to make the entire educational experience seamless. 

From here, Favour Ori CEO then started TalentMatch, an enterprise that counts Dr. Rex Idaminabo as a co-founder as well as Chidi Nwaogu. One of the largest offerings of TalentMatch is PayDay, a product in development and private testing as of September 2021. This product will provide tech workers, including engineers, with the ability to receive electronic payments from clients worldwide. The technology will be accessible on both mobile phones and PCs to reach the largest client base possible in Africa. 

As of June 2021, TalentMatch has raised over $100,000 in pre-seed dollars. Interested customers can already sign-up for the waitlist.

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