FarmERP expanding its horizon on a Global platform with Ag-Tech

FarmERP's expansion on a Global Scale

FarmERP expanding its horizon on a Global Platform with Ag-Tech.

FarmERP, catapulating into a whole new era of Agricultural Technology services.

DUBAI, UAE, October 6, 2021 / — In today’s digital era, the field of AgriTech has been trying to streamline a somewhat disorganized industry, by emphasizing predictability and formulaic working methods. Marking the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, farm management is the next big thing. FarmERP, the brainchild of Shivrai Technologies strives to make its services and platform as a whole, extremely comprehensive for stakeholders across the agricultural value chain.

The business has expanded its products to a wide range of nations, making a difference locally, regionally, nationally, and globally. At the end of 2019, they secured their first round of external funding from a Singapore-based organization. Since then, they have expanded to a large number of countries, where this globally tested and trusted digital agricultural technology has been installed. Today, they engage with several national and international leading agriculture enterprises, as well as policy-making organizations, to achieve their core goal of making the business more profitable and technology efficient.

Starting with one farmer having 1 acre of land to today having 600K+ acres of farmland in more than 35+ countries. In 5 years, FarmERP aims to have 10M Stakeholders on board. Post success, the brand has dived into the B2C Market by launching Farmizo which offers huge benefits to smallholder farmers. AI and Deep Learning solutions are offered to their customers in the market under the name of “FarmGyan”, over and above its ERP layer. FarmERP’s four pillars stand intact, with traceability, climate resilience, food safety, and sustainability at the heart of all they do along with constantly working towards the UN’s 2 Sustainable Development Goals, Zero Hunger and Climate Change.

Further to their first round of external funding, FarmERP committed to improving the product with a variety of comprehensive and innovative features, like mapping all farm operations, QR code-based access control across business processes, implementation of agriculture-focused accounting and costing module, hydroponics pack, IoT device integrations so on. They have also established relationships with national and international agri-businesses, intending to empower stakeholders through their digital platform.

FarmERP is well recognized for its ‘Uberization of Agriculture for Smallholder Vegetable Growers’ initiative, which has helped the entire agri-value chain to become more consistent, enhancing their everyday routines. This expedition received several honors such as Asia Agritech or Maxell Award for Excellence in Innovation 2017 along with enjoying worldwide attention. In regions like Africa, Ecuador, and Bangladesh, FarmERP is collaborating with international financing and research organizations to assist uberize Agri-stakeholders in those regions.

FarmERP recently acquired a breakthrough in climate-smart advisory and pest & disease identification, because of their excellent use of cutting-edge technologies, integration with satellite imagery. With climate change affecting every area of life today and sustainability gaining traction, this innovation is a game-changer for FarmERP’s stakeholders.

Agribusinesses and plantations, packaging & exporters, and contract farming companies around the world are increasingly seeing the brand as a ‘necessity in their daily agronomic and post-harvest practices, having recently expanded into geographic regions such as Sri Lanka, France, UAE, Nigeria, Kenya, Vietnam, Ethiopia, Sudan, Indonesia, and several others. With plantation management gaining traction, the brand embarked on a joint venture with Sri Lanka’s largest (about 35,000 acres) rubber, tea, and oil palm plantation in January 2020, and is dedicated to seeing the project through to the end. FarmERP fully embodies the evolving face of digital agricultural solutions, with leading companies in the agriculture sector interfaced with technology. This cutting-edge digital platform is an internationally recognized, future-ready solution for managing and analyzing agricultural operations.

FarmERP recently developed specialized and customized ‘packs’ for its consumers, based on their sub-verticals and company processes. These SaaS-based packs are tailored for various stakeholders in the agriculture business and can be customized. Today FarmERP has claimed that they have achieved 70% of YoY growth and are determined to grow 3x during this financial year. They are catapulating into a whole new era of Agricultural Technology services. The founders and core team are eager to expand their workforce with seasoned experts that can bring exponential value to the system as their knowledge and experience grows. With global digital agriculture developing at a breakneck pace, they are looking forward to strengthening the leadership team and aggressively gaining market share.

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