Fanfix Propels Creator Monetization and Onboards 125+ Creators in Launch Week

An overview of Fanfix

Following their launch at the beginning of the month, Fanfix has onboarded well over 125 creators across all niches and are not slowing down.

We are in the business of supporting creators and will continue to build out new features to better cater to their evolving needs.”

— Simon Pompan, Co-CEO

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2021 / — Following their launch at the beginning of the month, Fanfix has onboarded well over 125 creators across all categories and it appears they are not slowing down. Based out of Los Angeles, the creator hub of the world, the team has been working tirelessly to cater to all content creators looking to monetize their followings. There is no doubt that creators have loyal fans that want to uncover exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content from their favorite creators.

Well what exactly is Fanfix? Fanfix is a clean, premium subscription platform that lets fans access exclusive content while supporting their favorite creators. Fanfix enables creators to monetize their followings and connect with their fans on a whole new level, while maintaining full control along the way. Creators can upload blogs, b-roll content, drop their guides, provide early access to new releases/giveaways and much more. Fanfix creators are artists, athletes, gamers, chefs, comedians, and even those looking to provide educational content to their loyal fans. Co-CEO Harry Gestetner states, “Fanfix allows creators to earn while doing what they love. We shift the power away from the large social media conglomerates and put it back in the hands of the creator.” It’s as simple as create, connect, earn.

The Fanfix team has made it clear that this isn’t a traditional exclusive content platform. The platform pairs discoverability with monetization, accelerating the growth of creators’ paid subscriber bases as a result of the network effect. Fans are able to find new creators within given niches, stumble upon suggested creators highlighted through the “On The Rise” page, all while engaging in the comments of posts with the creators themselves, as well as their community of supporters.

The Fanfix team is determined to shift the balance of powers in favor of the creators, allowing creators to monetize off of the platform and not the other way around.

Tanner Kesel
Fanfix App, Inc.

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