“Facing the Red Strategy” a Novel by Robert Budahl Is Published on Amazon!

Facing the Red Strategy

Intelligence Command Center

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Follow John Spencer, the elite CIA Operative and the leaders of the US as they work to stop a ruthless Russian leader bent on World Domination.

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 13, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Facing the Red Strategy” Robert Budahl Published July 2021 on Amazon

Follow John Spencer the elite CIA Operative as he works to stop a ruthless Russian leader seeking World domination!

This fiction novel takes place in modern times and depicts late October to Mid-March. It tells the tale of events that transpire after the first occurrence of espionage by Russia in which they disable the US’s early warning radar. Which is an indicator of an imminent nuclear first strike.

John Spencer, POTUS and the directors of the Intelligence Community are on top of it, but regardless of actions by the US put into place to thwart Russian aggressive action, events escalate to a point that action must be taken by the US and NATO.

Events in today’s world politics are currently on edge. Although fiction, this novel may prompt one’s moral compass towards understanding that freedom is worth fighting for. Robert Budahl is educated in counterintelligence and a private citizen. He is a recognized and respected author of counterintelligence work which is published on journals which will be
available in college websites such as JSTOR & EBSCO.

This novel is not intended to be a work of perfection but it is intelligent and entertaining! For more information, please contact Robert Budahl at 605-496-4488 or robertabudahl@live.com

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