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SAUSALITO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Strong leaders understand themselves, their contexts and how to engage their people. They invest in themselves and their people personally and professionally. They view success for themselves and their employees through a whole person lens rather than an “only at work lens.”

Nene Burns is an executive coach specializing in leadership development. Since 1998, Nene has worked with executives in hospitality, high tech, advertising and entertainment. In her business, Nene sees clients as humans first and industry leaders or technical experts after.

“My whole brand is about growth and development. It’s my very DNA,” says Nene. “Leadership begins with self-awareness and it is about always stretching ourselves to grow and learn. To do so, it is imperative to have teachers, mentors advocates and/or coaches to guide and support us along the way.”

Nene is unique in that she followed a less conventional path of many executive coaches.

“I’ve had experience with everything from selling chairs on the street to working in the healing arts to being an executive assistant. I’ve lived abroad in a number of countries,” says Nene. “For me, diversity of experience is part of what brings fresh perspectives to my clients. I know myself better and have grown by having taken leaps of faith than if I had just traveled the safe road.”

Nene is inspired by how Joseph Campbell taught and wrote about not playing it safe in life.

“Campbell talked about following your bliss and The Hero’s Journey: we leave our home and venture into the wild alone; we face our demons; we slay the dragon; and we return as a different iteration of ourselves to share what we have learned,” says Nene. “The dragon really is our ego, and the ego is based in being fearful. Courage is a key ingredient in growth.”

“We’re constantly adjusting to life’s dynamics. We must always be ready to change and reflect our purpose and what is meaningful to us. Don’t just go by what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do. Keep reflecting on what is it that makes your heart sing?” says Nene.

Close Up Radio will feature Nene Burns in an interview with Jim Masters on June 2nd at 12pm EDT.

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