EVEARA & TULLY make 360 REALITY AUDIO accessible for Independent Artists

EVEARA & TULLY Making Sony’s 360 REALITY AUDIO Content Distribution Accessible to Independent Artists

Sony’s 360 Reality Audio is adding an additional and exciting layer to the user experience. We’re happy to be providing an avenue for music creators to get that extra dimension to their listeners.”

— EVEARA Founder & CEO, Levent Karahan

LOS ANGELES, USA, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EVEARA and Tully announce the upcoming availability of Sony’s 360 Reality Audio through their services. This new spatial audio feature allows independent artists and creators to create, manage and distribute in an exciting new immersive content format, based on Sony’s proprietary technology.

360 Reality Audio lets artists and creators map sound sources such as vocals, chorus and instruments with positional information, placing each audio line within a spherical space. 360 Reality Audio creates a revolutionary musical experience that evokes the feeling of being in a music studio or at a live concert – giving listeners an experience that honors the creator’s true intent, bringing artists and fans even closer together.

Do-it-yourself distribution and management of 360 Reality Audio content will be available worldwide from November 2021, through EVEARA and Tully.

EVEARA, the B2B SaaS white label technology, covers everything from distribution, music identification, fingerprinting, analytics, reporting, marketing tools, payout to support. With its latest collaboration, EVEARA will offer 360 Reality Audio bringing Sony’s object-based 360 spatial sound technology to the forefront of do-it-yourself music distribution.

EVEARA Founder & CEO, Levent Karahan, says, “We recognize the evolution that is taking place in the way people want to consume music, at the same time, how music creators are now using technology to path their own careers. Sony’s 360 Reality Audio is adding an additional and exciting layer to the user experience, and we are especially happy to provide an avenue to support music creators to get that extra dimension to their listeners.”

Tully, the ground-breaking music creation, collaboration, management and distribution solution for artists, will include anytime, anywhere access to 360 Reality Audio music format for artists and creators using its platform. 360 Reality Audio will be a cutting-edge solution available to all Tully subscribers, from November 2021.

Said Dhruv Joshi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Tully, “We built Tully to give artists and creators the tools they need to succeed in a fast-paced technology environment. Within minutes you can be writing, recording or distributing audio. 360 Reality Audio is another innovation, making it easier for artists and creatives to manage and distribute their spatial audio tracks.”

Joyner Lucas, Tully co-founder and Independent Artist – “My music videos are like short movies, I’m excited for 360 Reality Audio. We are pioneering tools for artists and this is another big step in that direction, especially for indie artists.”

Founded in Ireland in April 2015, EVEARA was born out of the need to provide a DIY music distribution solution to companies, that would appeal to an existing market they were already serving, in some capacity. EVEARA provides its digital distribution services to 60 clients in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. During 2020, royalty payouts to artists, producers and labels increased by 201%, while the volume of streams tracked by EVEARA on behalf of its clients grew by 31%.

About Tully
Tully is a music creation, collaboration, management and distribution solution for artists founded by Grammy-nominated independent musician Joyner Lucas and manager/entrepreneur Dhruv Joshi, with leading investment from Sony Music Entertainment. Born out of a need Joyner had for greater simplicity and efficiency in his own music making process, Tully launched in 2018 as a service that allows anyone to write and record song ideas in a single application and share their projects with producers and other creators. In November 2020, Tully introduced a major expansion with Tully Platform – a suite of pro level services offering artists at any level of their career greater organization and management in developing their content.
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