Established Subscription Company Raking in Success With New Partnership With Sprinkles Media

Working with Tyler on SEM initiatives has been a pure pleasure! His expertise in the field and clear communication on strategies makes me feel confident in our marketing growth”

— Loot Crate Performance Marketing Manager Marc Gutierrez

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 2, 2021 / — Loot Crate, one of the top pop culture subscription-based services, got an extra boost in paid search efforts thanks to a digital marketing startup.

Thanks to Sprinkles Media, a startup established in 2021 by two marketing experts, Loot Crate saw some surprising return on investment in less than a month.

A full-service digital media agency, Sprinkles Media draws from the experiences of its founders. Led by CEO Jess Park and CMO Tyler Eisenhart, Sprinkles Media offers its clients a holistic approach toward digital marketing. They focus on custom website branding, SEO campaigns, paid advertising, and digital marketing consultations.

Along with effective marketing campaigns, Sprinkles shares nuggets of helpful info via The Confectionary, a blog where you can find articles dealing with startups and the latest tech news.

“We Make Digital Marketing Painless”

It may seem like a famous company like Loot Crate has everything figured out. But behind the scenes, the marketing experts at Sprinkles Media diligently work to ensure brands reach everyone through search engine optimization, social media marketing, and effective website branding.

Loot Crate met with the two digital marketers to discuss pain points in the business, i.e., problems the business and customers face.

After an exploratory call where everyone built a foundation for Loot Crate’s goal going forward, Sprinkles Media moved onto planning the digital marketing strategy.

Sprinkles Media’s strategy planning phase consists of:
– Confirming the goal. After discussing pain points, wants, needs, and anything and everything, the client and Sprinkles Media establish short-term and long-term goals.
Understanding the resources. What’s your budget? Sprinkles Media works within the framework you have set up and gets you what you need.
– Considering previous actions. What worked? What didn’t? The Sprinkles Media team works on building on strengths, minimizing weaknesses, and finding new avenues to capitalize on.
– Creating a game plan. This is when things start coming together. Sprinkles Media and the client develop timelines, short-term goals, and what the digital marketing campaign quill set out to accomplish.
– Fleshing out details. Finally, the digital marketing strategy elements start to take shape, and Sprinkles Media launches a marketing initiative to deliver on your goals.

Once Park and Eisenhart nail down all the pertinent details with clients, the strategy moves forward.

How Did They Do It?

So, how did Sprinkles Media accomplish its goal in giving Loot Crate a boost?

Sprinkles Media immediately formed a strong bond with the subscription service. After identifying some pain points for Loot Crate, the marketing firm hammered out a clear path toward success.

Sprinkles Media employed a few fundamental techniques in overhauling Loot Crate’s ad performance. The results of the partnership between Loot Crate and Sprinkles Media? A 64% increase in subscription sales in the first month of its digital marketing campaign.

Park and Eisenhart started with a comprehensive campaign restructure. The two noticed Loot Crate was dealing with some marketing ‘clutter:’ different, unrelated keywords, ads that weren’t performing up to standard, and more.

By simply clearing up poor-performing keywords, they were able to perform at a much higher level.

Since Loot Crate caters to various demographics, it’s understandable that keyword research and target research may have fallen by the wayside. Sprinkles Media wasn’t about to let that hold them back from enhancing Loot Crate’s overall reach.

“We wanted to capitalize on what people were searching for,” says Eisenhart. “For example, we found that people who gravitated toward the Loot Fright box were efficient, determined buyers. They knew what they wanted and searched for precise keywords. We then used that information to further hone our ad campaigns.”

They identified new keyword opportunities, saw what was working, and capitalized on it. Likewise, when they saw that existing ads and keywords were underperforming or had nothing to do with the particular product, the team abandoned them. It was all about upward mobility and avoiding lateral moves.

This snapshot of the target audience’s wants and needs was new for Loot Crate, as they weren’t testing any audience before Sprinkles Media joined the fray.

Finally, Park and Eisenhart employed comprehensive ad copy testing.

“People get complacent once something starts to perform well,” says Park. “Instead of being satisfied with aspects of the campaign that worked well, we always wanted to optimize Loot Crate content, ensuring it was relevant to the different demographics. It’s all about the small details.”

And their never-ending search for that perfect ad performance led Loot Crate to a profitable run.

What Does This Mean For Brands?

These chameleons of the digital marketing world can conform to whatever business they’re helping. That means that any brand, whether it has to do with medical, fashion, or pop culture subscription services, Sprinkles Media applies its winning techniques and campaign strategies to fit.

Right off the bat, they inform customers and clients that there’s no template with Sprinkles Media. Strategies sprout from in-depth meetings, research, and monitoring Google Ads and your site’s performance.

“No matter where you are in your business, Sprinkles Media can help push you further.”

‘Sprinkles is For Winners’

Even a successful company like Loot Crate needs a boost, and Sprinkles Media delivered.

“Working with Tyler on SEM initiatives has been a pure pleasure! His expertise in the field and clear communication on strategies makes me feel confident in our marketing growth,” says Loot Crate Performance Marketing Manager Marc Gutierrez.

“I know I am in safe hands with Sprinkles Media.”

And Gutierrez has a reason to feel secure. With increased sales and an effective marketing campaign that paid off in dividends, Sprinkles Media proved to be the company’s ace in the hole.
Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach.
For more information on Sprinkles Media, visit the official site.
For more information about Loot Crate, be sure to visit the official site and explore all the pop culture memorabilia at your fingertips.

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