Eric Baird Addresses the Benefit of Expanding to New Markets

US Companies can sell their goods overseas without managing the shipping or customers, Baird says.

SARASOTA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES , May 19, 2021 / — Businesses interested in growing may want to consider overseas options, says Eric Baird. There are plenty of US companies that aren’t willing to ship overseas, but there are lots of clients who want the ability to buy American goods. As an investor, he still sees the value in companies finding creative ways to expand their markets.

Access USA now goes by and recently announced their successful handling of over $260 million in eCommerce each year. The mail-forwarding company checks each item and sends them through customs. As a CEO, Eric Baird noted, “As long as it’s legal, we don’t care what it is or where it is going,” says Eric Baird. “There is a huge market here because a lot of customers are looking for quality American goods.”

Eric Baird started after his mother was fielding requests about overseas shipments for her own company. His early life was spent in military bases overseas and Baird saw firsthand the demand for American goods. He ran the company until 2013 and MyUS has now been named to Inc. Magazine’s list of 5000 fastest-growing private companies six times as the largest company in its industry.

After successfully starting, Eric Baird moved on to provide funding to sub-$25 million revenue businesses. He says that companies can find solutions that are outside of the conservative and restrictive terms common among traditional lenders. He is now part-owner to a number of other businesses, including Hotel Ranola, Baird Real Estate, Tarpon Pointe Marina, and more

“I got my entrepreneurial drive from my mother,” said Baird. “I’m looking for ways to share my professional experience and knowledge of investing with other entrepreneurs. I want to see my local business community thrive.”

And Baird believes that businesses have to keep expanding their vision to include new markets. “Whether you are starting to sell to overseas customers or just looking for a new local slice of the market to target, it’s very important to be flexible right now,” warned Baird. “Companies that are able to successfully dodge the challenges and adapt to changing markets are usually the ones that succeed. Right now, many markets are in a kind of volatile state and things are up in the air. This is the right time for entrepreneurs to make their moves and start addressing concerns that other companies haven’t moved to fix.”

Being agile and willing to change could be the difference between success and failure for most startups, says Baird. Adaptability is a skill set all entrepreneurs need to learn and should carry with them—even into the success of their company.

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