Endorphinz Launches Site With Customizable Fitness Video Templates For Fitness Creators

New Customers Receive Their 1st Template For Free For The First 30 Days. And Today, The Jokes On Us! The First 3 Customers Get Their 1st Custom Video Free.

“The Endorphinz team has been a lifesaver for Delta Life Fitness. During the pandemic, we had to pivot to online workouts like so many other fitness businesses.”

— Delta Life Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Christin Cherry

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, April 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Endorphinz team is advancing the online fitness video experience for fitness creators and brands with the introduction of Endorphinz Templates. The new customizable solution offers fitness creators a variety of fitness video templates to select from. Creators may select finishes, upload assets, and let the video designers create a custom video to reflect their branded fitness class experience. The platform provides multiple design options for each template, so each video is truly customized to reflect the brand’s unique content experience.

For over the past 90 days the team has been designing a variety of template models and variations for customers to purchase. A unique feature about the templates is the way they are designed and developed to be highly customizable which allows for customers to use the same templates and design completely different looks. The reason for the template is because it saves time and provides a framework for scale in the number of videos being produced at very cost-effective price points. The cost is starting at $99.

“We’ve envisioned Endorphinz to enable, enhance and elevate. Driven by a simple commitment, ‘Built For Fitness Creators’’. Today we are delivering on that promise. We observed many of organizations struggling to deliver quality videos. We developed a unique solution that allows us to empower our customers with a design and process that customizes an experience at a fraction of the cost. We’re consistently delivering hundreds of new online classes and video experiences every month and we’re leveraging this expertise to deliver a solution that any creator can use”, says Endorphinz partner, Mike Hansen.

Seeing is believing, so we are sharing some of the early work from one of the Endorphinz customers. For Delta Life we used a template model in their video transformation. Here is what they had to say, “The Endorphinz team has been a lifesaver for Delta Life Fitness. During the pandemic, we had to pivot to online workouts like so many other fitness businesses. We began using the tools we had and the videos looked amateur and took days to produce. This was causing a poor experience for our consumers and a lot of man-hours for our team. We were referred to Endorphinz and it has been such a great experience. The team jumped on one call with us to discuss our vision and it came to life so quickly. We now have beautiful videos with a fast turnaround and the best team to work with.” says Delta Life Co-Founder & Director of Operations, Christin Cherry. If you’d like to see the Delta Life Video Transformation you can see the video here.

In addition, Endorphinz is offering New Customers their first Template for free for the first 30 days. And Today, The Jokes on Us! The First 3 Customers Get Their First Custom Video FREE. To take advantage of this offer, visit us at www.Endorphinz.net/templates. The promo code for the Free Template is “FreeTemplate”. Winners will be notified within 24 Hours of being one of the first 3 purchases.

Brands who would like to produce Custom Fitness Video Templates may contact the Endorphinz design team at 833. 227.4469, Hello@Endorphinz.net or visit www.endorphinz.net.

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