Ellen Daigle Founder of Acclaimed Silkscreening Company, Ellen’s Silkscreening, on How She Improved Customer Service

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Ellen’s Silkscreening

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, July 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Withstanding the pandemic over the past year has required some quick thinking from companies: A family-owned jewelry business that had to close its retail store started a live YouTube gem show that increased revenue. Spotify, which had relied on ad revenue until advertisers cut budgets, pivoted to offer original content with podcasts and curated playlists. Corporations and event planners turned gatherings into online events with shipped kits for virtual team-building activities, such as cocktail classes via Zoom. And the examples go on.

Ellen Daigle Founder of Acclaimed Silkscreening Company, Ellen’s Silkscreening, is yet another businesswoman who had to think out of the box to get her company back in shape. “Ellens Silkscreening was a thriving and well respected 45-year SWAG business,” states Daigle. “The pandemic struck in March and we had to stop working for 3 months and let all of our staff off. When we were finally allowed to return most of our customers were shut down so there was no need for our business.”

If the Covid-19 pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that nothing is certain. Too many businesses have closed and the unemployment rate is much too high. By April last year, the U.S. had lost 3.3 million small business owners, the largest decline on record. A fall 2020 survey of business owners by SCORE found that the majority of small business owners sustained severe losses last year. In 2019, 32% of them were profitable and growing. In 2020, only 12.2% were growing and profitable.

“We have slowly started working again and have been able to rehire most of our staff who are now fully vaccinated,” continues Daigle. “In addition, we have stayed in contact with our customers by personal telephone contacts. We call all our customers to first thank them for the opportunity to quote and then our appreciation for placing an order when it was completed.”

However, there are some bright spots amid the bad news. As seen in the examples above, businesses are gaining new skills. Some have learned how to adapt and thrive in uncertainty, companies are valuing workers’ health more than ever, and more and more people are embracing the BYOD (bring your own device) trend.

“Lastly, we call customers we have not heard from. We do a weekly Mailchimp and believe as renowned publicist, Michael Levine, says ‘In today’s modern world, it is impossible to be credible without being visible,'” concludes Daigle.


Ellen Daigle

Ellen Daigle moved from New York City to California in 1960. Initially, she trained as a nurse and spent more than a decade working as an RN. As a single mom, Daigle started Ellen’s Silkscreening in 1978 out of her own garage, with the goal of spending more time with her three daughters.

Through her journey with Ellen’s Silk Screening, Daigle soon discovered that she loved running her own company. Ellen’s Silk Screening specializes in high-quality screen printing and embroidery for their clients. With her natural leadership skills and sales abilities, she has helped her business grow into what it is today.

Ellen’s Silkscreening, based in South Pasadena, California, now handles clients of all sizes, from local coffee shops to huge colleges and museums. The company handles orders between 24 and 5,000 units regularly on a 7-10 working day turnaround.

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