Eat Local Ohio Delivers Mouth Watering Food Content with Launch of Free Mobile App

Amazing local food photography

View beautiful food photos showcasing independent restauranteurs’ individual style and flair for their local eats.

Eat Local Ohio Delivers Beautifully Curated 100% Local Food Content Directly at Your Fingertips

Everyday we strive to provide value to our customers and employees. Our mission is to love the customers and employees for lifelong loyalty.”

— David Marzich, Chairman of the Board, Hillcrest Foodservice

CLEVELAND, OH, USA, October 15, 2021 / — The Eat Local Ohio phone app is now available. Explore 100% local eateries and find the food you crave, the people you would like to follow, and the local eateries you would like to explore. Support our amazing local independent restaurants and by doing so $68 of every $100 stays in our community. #Local #Grateful

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Eat Local Ohio helps hungry locals decide where they want to eat without the hassle of information overload so they can make better food decisions. With the app, users will be able to discover amazing local eateries by inputting their location that unveils all the local, independently owned restaurants. Results are further curated by allowing you to select what cuisine you are currently in the mood for.

The Eat Local Ohio App features:

• High quality professional food photos
• Sharing features to send your favorite spots to friends and loved ones
• Location services to provide you with great local eateries nearby
• Exciting food personalities to follow favorite spots and favorite dishes
• Food categories to find your favorite cravings fast

With your loving support, local independent restaurants could create hundreds of new businesses, thousands of new jobs, and millions in revenues for our local Ohio communities.

Built on love. Driven by gratitude. Join us on our local mission. To learn more about Eat Local Ohio follow us on Instagram @eatlocalohio, visit or text ‘ELO’ to 844.928.4257

About Hillcrest Foodservice

Hillcrest Foodservice is the largest, family-owned, independent food distributor in the state of Ohio. It was founded in 1973, and has remained family-owned and operated. Their network of companies provides jobs and livelihood for hundreds of families right here in Northeast Ohio. Its mission is to honor local independent restaurant owners so that their local communities continue to eat local exclusively. All their resources are developed for the benefit of local restaurants and businesses.

Hillcrest’s free community resources:

• Professional food photography & marketing consulting
• Restaurant improvement consulting
• Menu building software
• Eat Local Ohio platform
• More and more to come

To learn more about Hillcrest visit

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Why It’s Important to Eat Local

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