EagleAi Fraud detection, Compliance, and Trading Risk Management SaaS Platform is now available in AWS Marketplace

Seamless Risk Management Solution

EagleAi is a comprehensive fraud detection, compliance risk and trading risk management SaaS solution now available in AWS Marketplace

With the availability of EagleAi as a AWS SaaS platform, our customers can seamlessly apply specialized AI/ML based solutions to detect fraud, non-compliance, and operational issues in near real-time.”

— Shyam Sreenivasan, CEO of Quantel AI, Inc.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, September 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — EagleAi LLC, a provider of advanced Risk Management solutions using AI/ML, announced today that EagleAi Trading Risk, Fraud Risk, and Compliance Risk, its flagship products for risk management in Trading are now available in AWS Marketplace as a SaaS platform. AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog with thousands of software listings from independent software vendors that make it easy to find, test, buy, and deploy software that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Now, AWS customers can leverage and gain the power of EagleAi’s AI/ML-based risk management solution to accurately detect issues relating to trading risks, fraud risks, and compliance risks, hidden in their environment.

EagleAi is a secure, advanced risk management tool that allows banks and trading firms to detect issues in near real-time that can cause financial losses due to operational risks, fraud, or other regulatory issues. EagleAi “observes and learns” the patterns of behaviors of different entities involved in trading such as the clients, traders, trading desks, symbols, and even the systems that are used for trading, and provides an anomaly dashboard to accurately detect any anomalous trading activity or patterns in the entire environment. Risk managers can have an eagle’s eye view on trading activity with EagleAi.

EagleAi modules have a high accuracy rate thanks to the ensemble of AI models employed to do the job. With its reliance on multiple different approaches to confirm an issue before it is raised as an alert, EagleAi is highly accurate in its identification of issues. Furthermore, it is able to detect a problem before it becomes serious using its trend forecasting techniques. EagleAi uses innovative methods to triangulate across different models to be able to identify the exact problem such as the specific client, trader, system name, etc., where the problem exists, which would provide detailed information and visual analytics to fix any problem instantaneously. There is no need to second guess with issues identified by EagleAi with potential savings of thousands of dollars.

The EagleAi product suite includes:

EagleAi Trading Risk module – an ensemble of AI engines that observes trading transactions and learns to identify outliers that matter for risk management. The advanced AI engines powering EagleAi Trading Risk modules have been designed to detect issues to prevent loss in trading due to operational issues and regulatory fines.

EagleAi Compliance Risk module – EagleAi’s enterprise scale AI platform and its advanced compliance management modules reduce non-compliance risks faced by the trading firms.

EagleAi Fraud Risk module – an ensemble of AI engine that detects fraudulent trading patterns like spoofing, layering, and front running, timely detection of which can help avoid costly fines and litigations.

Highlights :
10x Faster than traditional rule based anomaly detection and Risk management systems.
EagleAI is an Modular, customizable and scalable risk management solution that combines AI and deep learning. Plug-in architecture for a variety of data sources makes integration easy with alerts, dashboard charts , reporting, workflow ticketing, and GRC tools.
Reduce time-to-build your Artificial Intelligence based risk and compliance management solutions with EagleAi.

Get started with the EagleAi Risk Management Plug and Play Modules today : @ https://eagleai.com/eagle-ai-aws-marketplace/

Watch our introduction to EagleAi on YouTube . @ https://bit.ly/3DjpkJh

Contact our sales team for more information. @ https://eagleai.com

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About EagleAI, LLC.
EagleAI, LLC is a fully owned subsidiary of Quantel AI, Inc, a fintech startup that was founded in 2018 to bring the power of AI for solving real-world problems in fraud-detection, risk and compliance management in Trading and Investment Management, and also extend the solutions to other verticals. Our team led by its founder Shyam Sreenivasan (CEO), with over 60 years of collective experience in Wall Street technology and Financial services, is leading the charge, helping its investors and its customers get the best ROI. For more information, visit quantel.ai and eagleai.com and follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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