Dr. Simon Gibson Chronicles “Tales of a Meandering Medic

Tales of a Meandering Medic

Tales of a Meandering Medic

Medical Textbook Recounts Physician’s Broad Experiences as Doctor and Patient

OXFORD, ENGLAND, September 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — As a consultant nephrologist, Dr. Simon Gibson provided his services close to people’s homes, traveling and providing his specialist renal services to four hospitals, tending to the needs of patients with kidney problems. He has also been on the receiving end of life-saving treatment. With “Tales of a Meandering Medic” he shares the lessons he learned from these experiences, providing a medical textbook made in a way that readers with no prior knowledge of medicine can grasp the concepts within its pages.

Gibson’s book allows laypeople to understand medicine, particularly his specialty of kidney medicine or nephrology. “Tales of a Meandering Medic” collects cases that have lingered in his memory, experiences that he turns into educational opportunities. He also draws from the time he was a patient as well when he received neurosurgery in 2019. The book covers his titular “meanderings” as over the course of his career he has worked at multiple locations. Career-wise his path also evolved, giving him experience in many areas of medicine. So Gibson’s book contains not just lessons for aspiring renal specialists but also nuggets of knowledge and wisdom pertaining to medicine in general.

The events covered in this book are from Gibson’s career providing services to hospitals in Preston, Lancaster, Kendal and Barrow, which are part of the United Kingdom’s National Health Service. His specialization, nephrology, entails studying kidneys, their normal function, the pathologies afflicting the organ system and the treatments required to maintain kidney function, from diet to medication and other procedures. Kidney treatments include dialysis, in which blood is diverted to a machine that removes waste products and excess fluid when the kidneys are no longer capable of fulfilling its role.

“I also wanted to say a huge thank you to those involved in saving my life.” Gibson says. With “Tales of a Meandering Medic” he provides invaluable lessons in medicine that are accessible to those with training as well as laypeople. Additionally, his narratives have a broader perspective owing to his experience as a physician as well as a patient who received life-saving treatment. This book is a must read for those seeking to gain a better understanding of medicine and the healthcare treatment, whether they are pursuing those fields or indulging their curiosity.

About the Author
Dr. Simon Gibson is a retired Consultant Physician and Nephrologist.

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