Dr. Quinton Henning Provides Noteworthy Endorsement of Puma Exploration, Additional High-Grade Gold Veins Identified

Puma Exploration’s 2021 sampling in Lynx and Chubby Zones of O’Neil Gold Trend

Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: PUMA) recently drilled 5.55 g/t Gold over 50.15 m on initial drilling at Williams Brook Gold Property in Atlantic Canada

Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX:PUMA)

As they open up the ground between these 2 areas they are seeing high-grade occur throughout … you can see the footprint of the trench here, that is almost the size of an opencast mine at this point”

— Dr. Quinton Henning, October 15, 2021

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, October 18, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Puma Exploration Inc. (TSX-V: PUMA) (US Listing: PUXPF) (Frankfurt: 4P8A) last week provided additional results from the 2021 field exploration surface sampling program on the 100% controlled Williams Brook Gold Property in New Brunswick, Atlantic Canada; the company had identified more high-grade Gold veins with up to 199 g/t* Au from surface sampling.

Puma is also the subject of an new independent exploration update from Quinton Hennigh, PhD:
Dr. Henning is an exploration geologist that has identified many of the best next generation mining assets on the planet that are still in hands of junior exploration companies today and is an advisor to Crescat Capital LLC, which took a position in PUMA.V in August-2021 after his recommendation.

Click the following URL https://youtu.be/lhFkhJ75K14?t=1685 to go to the 28 minute mark of new October 15, 2021 video where Dr. Henningh discusses his passion for staying on top of the latest exploration efforts of junior miners with exceptional projects. Crescat Capital has investments in quite a few companies, on the order of 90 companies, it will thus have on the order of 103-odd drills operating in the coming year to monitor results on, many of those drills have been operating over the past few months, and today Dr. Henningh talks about some of the results that are starting to come in — the first he discusses is Puma Exploration Inc.

The following is transcribed copy of what Dr. Henning had to say;
Quinton Hennigh: “These are rock chip samples from Puma, I talked about Puma for the first time just a few weeks ago… and it happened to coincide with a very impressive drill hole; a bit over 50 m, a bit over 5 g/t [ September 15, 2021: Puma Exploration Drills 5.55 g/t Au over 50.15 meters* on Initial Drilling at Williams Brook Gold Property ] in a new discovery in New Brunswick, this is basically a virgin goldfield that is just in the process of discovery. What struck me when I first looked at Puma was the exceptionally high-grades that they were finding in rock chip samples as well as seeing locally in the drill core. Here is another suite of samples that were collected in this Lynx/Chubby area which again …. look at the grades here; we are seeing many many samples in the multi-ounce range, ounce +, and tens of grams, these are fantastic numbers. But what really gets me stoked is where these samples are coming from. So let’s go to the next slide…”

“Okay, the map on the left shows you the footprint, that brown line shows you the footprint of areas that they recently opened up through trenching. The kind of darker colour areas, those were the previous trench areas, the company has been very aggressive about opening up and exploring this target more and more. The drill holes that we talked about a few weeks ago came out of that Lynx Zone, which is kind of the southern blob of the two here — but what is really really cool is as they open up the ground between these two areas they are seeing high-grade occur throughout and this is just absolutely one of them, this is the kind of stuff that leads to a major gold discovery. You can see the photograph over on the right here, you can see the footprint of the trench here, my gosh that is almost the size of an opencast mine at this point — its phenomenal. They are seeing quartz visible gold in many places. This is the kind of gold system, it is a high level orogenic system, episomal [? audio transcription] likely, but it also might have aspects of an earlier epithermal style of mineralization. I talked about this in the original presentation, it’s really intriguing. The other thing to keep in context here is that this system is part of the same belt, if you will, that extends up into Newfoundland in which companies like New Found are finding very high-grade discoveries. So I am very very intrigued with what these guys are seeing, the high-grades tell me, and the textures tell me, they are in a high level part of the system. I think it is ripe for the discovery of a substantial high-grade deposit. So stay tuned. I think they have a lot of drill holes in the works right now and the labs are getting assays, they have many more samples — you can see the little black X’s on this map. Usually when there is a high density of sampling, a clustering of samples, it’s for good reasons — because the geologists are seeing rock in that area that’s worthy of sampling. I anticipate a lot more high-grade results to come from this new exciting discovery.”

Puma Exploration is also the subject of a Mining MarketWatch Journal review, full copy of which may be viewed at https://miningmarketwatch.net/puma.htm online; Puma is currently conducting a 10,000 m drill program where quartz veining surface samples have yielded high-grades. To date Puma has drilled 2,360 meters (18 holes). Drill results from the first 6 holes have been reported, including the discovery hole WB21-02 that cut 5.55 g/t Au over 50.15 meters from surface, including 9.88 g/t Au over 8.60 meters and 46.94 g/t Au over 3.85 meters. The first drill holes reported show there is solid correlation between surface samples and core, presenting tremendous opportunity for investors looking to be part of a story in its early days. The continued discovery of high-grade gold veins at surface this week bodes well for Puma’s future prospects at the Williams Brook Gold Property.

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