Disabled Afghan Artist Paints Without Arms or Legs; Seeks to Rebuild Online School closed by Taliban

Robaba Mohammadi paints with her mouth and wants to inspire Afghans

Disabled artist has built a career painting with her mouth

Robaba Mohammadi, already a symbol of courage to millions of Afghans, seeks to spread her message to the World, but needs help

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 12, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Robaba Mohammadi, a young artist from Afghanistan, has had her life turned upside down by the Taliban’s recent takeover of the country.

Denied the usage of her arms and legs by a birth defect, Robaba started painting at age 12, learning to hold brushes in her mouth. Not only did she exhibit her paintings internationally, but in 2019 she founded a school in Kabul, the Robaba Arts and Cultural Center. According to John Toomey, co-founder of the Robaba Foundation, “she needs assistance in helping her family emigrate to the U.S. as well as establishing her school online.”

At its height, the Robaba Art and Cultural Center taught students painting, music, and public speaking. Since its closure by the Taliban, Robaba has been seeking to find ways to re-open it as an online academy open to everyone around the world. “She would of course like to re-open the location in Kabul again” says Foundation co-founder Soani Gunawan, “but no one knows when that can happen. So she wants to inspire young people through her own story to achieve their dreams.”

At present Robaba and two siblings are outside of Afghanistan, and four family members remain in the country. The Foundation is reaching out to International aid organizations to help the whole family reunite.

To help Robaba, anyone can donate at https://fundly.com/help-disabled-artist-s-family-reach-u-s

For more information contact Robaba Foundation:

John A Toomey
Friends Beyond Borders
+1 6262308862
email us here

Afghan Artist paints with her mouth

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