Diet ID Joins GoMo Health Concierge Care Suite of Solutions to Support Continuum of Care

Partnership drives dietary improvement in integrated behavioral and physical care

DETROIT, MI, UNITED STATES, September 8, 2021 / — Diet ID, a dietary assessment and behavior change platform, today announced it is joining the GoMo Health suite of offerings to help promote healthy eating habits and successfully guide patients in their healthcare journey.

GoMo Health offers evidence-based digital Concierge Care solutions to providers, health plans, and clinical research organizations, with an emphasis on integrating behavioral science into chronic and complex condition health management. The suite of solutions is designed to engage patients and personalize care plans at scale, which improves outcomes, reduces costs, enhances patient satisfaction, and increases joy in practice.

Because diet quality is the leading indicator of vitality, longevity, and total chronic disease risk, it’s essential to measure, understand, and manage nutrition in any patient population. Traditional methods of dietary assessment and measurement are costly, time consuming, error-prone, and difficult to personalize. That’s why GoMo Health chose Diet ID’s novel, simple, yet powerful digital nutrition platform for its digital therapeutics offerings.

Recognizing diet as a vital sign is a critical step in curbing chronic disease risk and improving associated health outcomes. Select GoMo partners will have access to Diet ID’s robust and innovative dietary assessment tools, which use image-based comparisons to determine the patient’s starting point and goal diet in just seconds. Its daily digital coaching solution guides patients to achieving better eating habits with uplifting, educational, and inspiring daily engagements to support their health journey.

Diet ID CEO and Founder, Dr. David Katz, commented, “GoMo’s comprehensive behavioral health solutions are helping to drive value-based care forward. This exciting collaboration will further transform concierge care with a bold advance in dietary assessment, and the opportunity for each patient to personalize and achieve their nutrition goals. We are proud of the partnership, and excited about the opportunity.”

“GoMo has proven that if healthcare organizations address the mind and body, and not only provide guidance but apply an engagement science to self-activating people in their home environment, the outcomes are substantially better. That is why we have chosen to partner with DietID – science driven with power to effect change in its simplicity. And both organizations have a shared vision in elevating diet as both a predictor and cause of health conditions,” says Bob Gold, GoMo Health CEO.

The GoMo Health and Diet ID solution will launch in early 2022 to thousands of patients served by select GoMo partners and healthcare organizations.

About GoMo Health
GoMo Health is a leader in designing, implementing, and marketing award-winning, personalized patient engagement solutions that support the continuum of care. Its solutions are highly scalable and cost-effective, enabling better self-management, healthy decision making, and improved outcomes.

About Diet ID
Founded by Dr. David Katz, a lifestyle and preventive medicine expert, Diet ID is the best way to measure and manage diet quality, the most important factor for health and wellbeing. The company offers innovative digital tools that allow people to assess and improve their diet quality using an effortless, image-based experience paired with personalized, guided micro challenges. With Diet ID, people everywhere can finally treat diet as a vital sign.

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