Design Studio Zero Six One Reveals Sellout NFT Project

The Kryptoz

The Kryptoz

Zero Six One now plans to work with celebrities and brands

LONDON, UK, June 2, 2021 / — Zero Six One, a London-based CGI production studio, announced today that it is now looking to bring on board well-known celebrities and brands after the successful launch of there NTF project, “The Kryptoz.”

In just over 24 hours, Zero Six One sold out of all units of “The Kryptoz” by @artbyjon (aka Jon Shelley), the Founder of Zero Six One. “The Kryptoz” is a bespoke collectibles project with proof of ownership stored on the blockchain. They are inspired by the metaverse and NFT community. Accompanying the “The Kryptoz” super-rare collectibles, the Legendary Edition was auctioned off on the Bitski platform with accompanying physical 3D collectible to be sent to the winner of the auction.

“We are very encouraged by the success of “The Kryptoz” launch,” said Shelley. “It shows the time is right to bring this effective NFT formula to celebrities and brands.” NFTs provide a historical opportunity for artists to capture the full value of their work and make the money they deserve.

“The Kryptoz” was created by Zero Six One, a unique CGI production studio specializing in creating bespoke content for VFX, games, advertising, NFTs and more and owned by a husband and wife team based out of London. Zero Six One has been involved in metaverses for more than a decade and has owned and operated in Second Life one of the largest and oldest virtual content brands in the world, “Truth,” since 2007.

Zero Six One’s founder Jon Shelley has also created work for the game, film and VFX industries for more than a decade and worked on the films like “Black Panther,” “Fantastic Beasts” and Netflix’s “The Christmas Chronicles,” as well as on major AAA game cinematics. Zero Six One also has many years’ experience in 3D printing for the collectibles industry.

As Zero Six One develops its own amazing and creative NFT projects, it continues to connect communities, creators and brands through unique, ownable digital content. The company seeks to increase accessibility, participation and creator sovereignty in the internet economy.

In addition to offering tools for artists to create NFTs, The Bitski Creator platform automates the minting and transferring of NFTs and provides a home for works. Bitski sets up artists with a profile to start selling immediately and every Bitski user has a secure OAuth-compliant wallet to keep their NFTs safe. In 2019, Bitski closed its $1.8M seed round, bringing $3.5 million in funding from participants with a deep understanding of blockchain – not only as a technology, but as a developer tool that unlocks an entirely new set of user experiences.

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