Dental Bone Graft Substitutes Market Size Provides an In-Depth Insight of Sales, Revenue, Analysis of Growth Factors 2022-2031

Dental Bone Graft Substitutes Market Some of the major players of the market are Dentsply Sirona, Johnson & Johnson, Institut Straumann AG, Medtronic PLC, ZIMMER BIOMET, etc.

The Dental Bone Graft Substitutes market is expected to grow with an estimated CAGR of 6.8%, over the forecast period.

COVID 19 is having a major impact on the medical industry. As the total healthcare providers are engaged with COVID 19, the access is restricted to essential care only and the temporary close of dental clinics has drastically reduced dental surgeries. Even the treatment proximity to infected patients with COVID 19 is a challenge for dentists. The Journal of the American Medical Association stated that the rate of weekly visits to a dentist in the United States was 33% lower from March through August 2020, when compared to 2019. An article published in 2020 by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that the United States government has reduced Medicaid dental coverage considering the fiscal conditions. These factors have a lead severe impact on dental bone graft substitute manufacturers and their supply chain.

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The major factors responsible for the growth of the studied market include the rising incidence of dental diseases, rising demand for medical and dental tourism. According to World Health Organization (2020), oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people and over 530 million children suffered from caries of primary teeth. Moreover, rising technological advancement, and growing public awareness of preventive care are propelling the market growth. American Dental Association (ADA) reported that more than 5 million implants are placed each year by the dentists. To maintain the existing jaw, bone grafting before implant placement is being done which further helps for a successful implant surgery, increasing use of synthetic and biocompatible grafts, also a major factor that is triggering the market. A study made on global prevalence of peridontal disease, published on 28 May 2020 at PubMed found that the distribution of periodontal disease increases with age. Periodontitis was the most common in older persons and in population from high-income countries. The distribution differed significantly in low (28.7%), lower-middle (10%), upper-middle (42.5%), and high-income countries (43.7%). Hence, owing to above mentioned factors, the market is expected to witness significant growth in the future.

Key Market Trends

The Xenogaft Segment is Expected to Grow Over the Forecast Period

A xenograft is an organ transplant or a tissue graft to an individual of other species. Xenografts are obtained from pigs (porcine) or cows (bovine). Xenografts are prepared for implantation into the human body once they are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized. Deproteinized bovine bone is the most common source of xenograft materials in the field of dentistry. Studies have found that 39% of new bone formation after 6 months of duration has been observed with maxillary sinus defect sites grafted with BioOss, whereas following the grafting with autograft it is reported that 40% of new bone formation takes place in the same duration of time. Few of the commercially available xenografts are Bio-Oss, Bio – Oss Collagen, Pepgen – P15, etc. As xenograft is most affordable, the key players in the market are taking initiatives to launch new products into the market. For instance, BioHorizons has launched MinerOss X, xenograft products for the development of dental implant procedures, which is designed for sinus augmentation, ridge augmentation, grafting for implant placements, and for extraction of sockets. Hence, these factors will drive the segment growth in the future.

North America Dominates the Market and Expected to do Same in the Forecast Period

North America holds the major market share in the dental bone graft substitute market. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention around 64.9% of adults aged 18 and above had dental visits in the year 2019 in the United States. A United States company Dentsply Sirona announced that it has acquired Datum Dental, Ltd, which is known for innovative dental regeneration products on January 2021. Dentsply Sirona and Datum Dental Ltd, were already in distribution agreement since 2016, with this acquisition Dentsply Sirona is promoting the full OSSIX® portfolio (OSSIX Plus, OSSIX Volumax, and OSSIX Bone) in the U.S., Canada, and several other countries.

As per Canada, health fact sheets, in 2018 around 74.7% of Canadians have visited dentists, almost 2/3rd Canadians (64.6%) have dental insurance to cover their expenses. Though general oral health care is not included in the Canada health act, they have several government programs to look into dental issues such as dental coverage.These factors strongly pave the path for the dental bone graft substitutes market positively.

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