Decentralized Exchanges are the Future of Crypto Currency

Decentralized Exchanges are all set to change the landscape of exchange in the coming times. QuickX’s DEX is easing the entire process for its users.

MALTA, July 14, 2021 / — Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs) are on the rise when it comes to exchange of crypto currencies. Decentralized exchanges are the future of the entire exchange eco-system. Apart from having its own many advantages, DEXs cover many of the disadvantages associated with traditional centralized exchanges.

Being the Founder-COO of a decentralized exchange: CNexchange himself, Dr. Kshitij Adhlakha goes on to talk about how opting for DEX has not only proven to be the correct choice for the brand, but has also saved the team a lot of hassle and eased up the whole process of exchange. The focus was to create an exchange that serves the interests of the community best and hence no easier and better choice could have been opted for other than DEX.

Trading on decentralized exchanges has not one, but many advantages. While trading, the users are in complete control of their crypto currencies. DEXs are known to be the safer and more private choice for trading. The users get to trade at lower fees as compared to centralized exchanges.

These trades are made directly without any intermediary institution. Where most of the centralized exchanges have certain jurisdictional restrictions, DEXs can be accessed from sitting anywhere in the world. No personal information/KYC is required for trading on DEX, hence the chance of identity theft or loss of information reduces.

While trading on centralized exchanges, the currencies also require a said amount of liquidity, while trading on decentralized exchanges; even altcoins can be traded without having to arrange for higher liquidity.

QuickX has its own decentralized exchange: CNexchange, which has been able to make 620% profit in about a year of its launch. With QuickX’s DEX the users can exchange their crypto currencies in the safest way without any hustle of KYC and/or any liquidity issue. QuickX has been working towards easing the trading process for its users, in lieu of which very recently it has also launched Automated Trading. With this the user can access 26 exchanges from one platform without having to go anywhere else. The best of the centralized as well as decentralized exchanges can be accessed from CNexchange and the users keep their funds with themselves.

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