Dean Skewes Chronicles Recovery from Severe Traffic Collision Injuries

I Drove a Red Car to a Better me

I Drove a Red Car to a Better me

“I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me” recounts author’s journey of healing

NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA, October 6, 2021 / — In 2013, Dean Skewes was driving with his family when they became involved in a high speed head-on collision. Other family members were able to drive nearby the scene, unable to help or even stop their vehicle, becoming witnesses to the horrific scene. With “I Drove a Red Car to a Better MeSkewes chronicles the trials and tribulations that came after, a six year journey of recovery that is not sugarcoated, that shows the lows as well as the inspiring resolve of not only the author but his family in soldiering through the protracted crisis.

Skewes had multiple broken bones and was incapable of walking for three months. Over the course of six years he had three operations to heal his right femur, meaning that for five years he basically had to move about on a broken leg, believing it to be healed when it was not. To make matters worse, Australia experienced the worst drought in a century, devastating their community and their livelihoods. So Skewes and his family had to not only go through this recovery process with all the physical and emotional strains but also tend to their livestock daily. This involved hand feeding sheep and cattle daily as well as carting water to them as creeks and dams had dried up. Yet they labored to keep their animals alive.

Needless to say, the entire experience took a lot from them and by the end of it in 2020 they were depleted physically, financially and even emotionally. Yet in Skewes’ own words: “We were still madly in love, we had saved our stock, and our farm, though god knows how.”

“I sat in my wheel chair, and typed the days away, while Marise worked tirelessly to run the farm, and keep our world together. There have been tough times of course, but our love and commitment to each other has been unwavering.” Skewes says. All in all, “I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me” is a true story of incredible hardship as well as inspiring perseverance and triumph, replete with trials, tribulations and setbacks. “I managed to grow as a person, I found inner strength, a peace of mind and a love for the world and every one of its many inhabitants.”

About the Author
Dean Skewes is 58 years of age and was 50 at the time of the accident. He has lived in the family farm at Watson’s Creek, New South Wales for 30 years. He has been a sheep shearer in his youth, married his wife in 1989 and has been blessed with three beautiful daughters.

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Dean Skewes – author of ‘I Drove a Red Car to a Better Me’

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