David Estes Brings Us Another Daring Tale of Heroism

The Rescue of Nadia Marie

A thrilling story of rescue

COOKSTOWN, NEW JERSEY, USA, September 8, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Making decisions when lives are on the line can be an overwhelming responsibility. Those in a position of power often find themselves making very difficult choices. These choices usually involve other people and can potentially have a major impact on their lives. The reaches of morality and the struggles with conscience are a burden put on those we trust with public service. What does it mean to serve the greater good? Should these come at the cost of lives? Should one life matter less than others? “The Rescue of the Nadia Marie” takes us through the struggles and challenges that go with making such difficult decisions.

Davis Estes is no stranger to difficult decisions and has seen firsthand what his superiors have had to deal with. The La Grange, Georgia native has seen much in his lifetime, having moved around a lot and meeting people from all walks of life. He served as an infantry squad leader in the US Army, where he enlisted and went on a tour of duty in Vietnam. Afterward, he joined the Seattle Police as an officer for a few years. He eventually retired to pursue writing, which allowed him to transform his experiences into thrilling stories. He currently lives in Lewiston, Idaho with his wife Evangeline Schwartz.

“The Rescue of the Nadia Marie” is the thrilling tale of the fate of a little girl caught up in political intrigue and the egos of those in power. This little girl and her family are barely clinging to life floating around on a tiny raft in the middle of a massive ocean. It is up to the mightiest navy across the globe and the will of the most powerful person in the country to decide this family’s survival.

Will they make the right decisions? Will this family survive? Find out how these difficult decisions play out in “The Rescue of the Nadia Marie” when you grab a copy today!

Visit the author’s website at www.davidestesauthor.com to know more about him and his book.

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