Cympire releases Next Generation Cyber Range platform disrupting training and assessment markets for cyber professionals

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL, February 16, 2021 / — Cympire Ltd, a world leader in cyber training and assessment platforms announces the release of its latest CyWARIA platform. Developed by Cympire’s innovative team of cyber experts, the newest release offers its customers and partners a significant competitive edge over other existing platforms.

In addition to its gamified UI and cloud-based serverless architecture, Cympire introduces its Campaign Studio which empowers partners and customers to customize their own training scenarios. Yaniv Shachar, Cympire’s CEO commented: “The Campaign Studio portrays our vision for the market. It empowers our professional community to replicate their own network topology and architecture or build their own network, deploy defensive tools and orchestrate the attacks to run real-life cyber attacks in a safe and true-to-life environment.”

Eran Goldstein, Cympire’ s VP R&D, added “One of the greatest challenges with cyber training platforms is being able to create complex network topologies and keeping up to date with the most current threats and defensive tools. With the introduction of our Campaign Studio, we tackle this challenge head on by implementing everything we learned so far to create the most innovative and powerful tool for customizing any cyber scenario in complex network topologies. The Campaign Studio takes the technology engine behind our platform to a new level. In addition, we have made countless enhancements and improvements from the system architecture to the trainee UI, the performance assessment module and more.”

Cympire’ s catalogue includes IT and OT scenarios of various difficulty and complexity levels. CyRANGE, another key feature of the newest release, allows trainees to immerse themselves into the practice even further in a 3D virtual environment.

“Cympire is emerging from stealth mode. We are planning an aggressive expansion into the enterprise market, adding partners and customers to our existing base. Ongoing practice for cyber professionals is a global necessity and so is the need for innovative and accessible training solutions. This need has never been addressed with so much creativity and momentum,” stated Yaniv Shachar, Cympire’s CEO. “The global demand is ever growing and with it the Cympire team and business”.

About Cympire
Cympire Ltd. was founded in 2018 with an aim to disrupt the cyber training world. Cympire target verticals include large enterprises, financial institutions, cyber security vendors and more. Cympire customers include leading academic institutions, insurance companies, MSSPs, large telecom companies and more. Cympire has strategic partnerships with leading cyber technology companies as well as a world class consulting firm.

Cympire’s “CyWARIA” platform is the most advanced, flexible, gamified cyber range that simulates any scenario, network topology, and IT and OT systems. CyWARIA runs defense and attack scenarios tapping into the latest cyber threats and using the most advanced cyber defensive tools. The platform is cloud native and serverless, which provides unlimited scalability and accessibility.

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