CWV Group builds up for the new era

With over two decades of operation in the Florida region, CWV Group has seen and starred in important changes in the Real Estate market.

MIAMI, FL, USA, February 19, 2021 / — Today we share our perspective for the future: TRENDS 2021.

The global Covid pandemic has impacted practically all human activities. Goes without saying, real estate dynamics are no exception. There are new demands from customers, and developers must adjust their disposition and abilities to respond accordingly.

Some innovations are “trend setting” residential preferences, under the idea of being safer at home, for longer periods of time.

The fact that many families and single persons are planning to move places, becomes evenmore relevant. There is a growing interest in migrating from over-crowded cities such as New York or Chicago, to places that offer better quality of life, without high expenses. Florida meets these parameters, which is why CWV is already meeting expectations, with 2projects: one in Coconut Grove, and another in Key Biscayne (*).

Instead of overly costly family apartments in larger cities, options such as houses or townhomes -from a more affordable point of view- rise in value and more so in newlocations. In order to meet current and future challenges, any new ventures must feature the following assets:

– Combination of design + smart technology + sustainability.

– Greater freedom of movement, and at the same time bigger control of privacy.

– Projection and construction for a total 5G environment.

Full connectivity is arriving.
The home-office mode is and will keep being predominant. The concept of housing, shifts to “a space to live and work”. In addition, townhouses allow to bring in peace of mind, by having an private entrance, and also avoiding sharing common and more exposed spaces of apartment buildings. Outdoor spaces such as patios, terraces, gardens, and swimming pools will also be valued more than before.

(*) The CWV Group’s TOWN HOMES-type projects under construction are located at:

∙ 3116 Carter Street, Miami FL.

∙ 3525 Day Avenue, Miami FL (LEED certified, something unusual in Miami, requiring more effort and dedication on the part of the developer).

∙ 300 Fernwood Rd, Key Biscayne FL.

These are smart homes with a wide range of Energy STAR (Low Consumption) category appliances.
– Solar panels
– LED lighting systems
– CCTV in entrances
– Thermal isolation
– Open spaces
– Among other aspects

The completion of these projects is expected in the next 3 months.

Through its 4 business units, CWV Group aspires to progress, in response to realistic market needs, making a positive and strong impact.

There is so much to do! Let’s stay tuned.

For more information about new residential possibilities in the Miami area, visit us at

CWV HOMES – part of CWV GROUP, the holding company led by Octavio Rinaldi – is closing the year in line within this appealing context: Octavio has acquired property in Key Biscayne for 2.4 million, where he plans to build homes (at a price of 4 million per unit), by the end of 2021.

Octavio Rinaldi
CWV Group
+1 305-490-8708

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