Cultivating Connections Through AR: Boost Board Named Winner of the 5G Transatlantic Lab Hackathon

Boost Board

Boost Board

Soon to be Implemented in Boston and Barcelona Over the Next Year, Boost Board Encourages Social Interactions of Adolescents in Hospitals

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 3, 2021 / — As the world around us changes, we need modern solutions to match. Society is sitting amid one of the most exciting periods for innovation, with new technologies introduced regularly to revolutionize various industries and practices. Augmented and virtual reality technologies have rapidly become the leading practice for spearheading purpose-driven projects around the world. To explore the implementation of advanced technologies in pediatric healthcare, Garage Stories and the Mobile World Capital Barcelona created the 5G Transatlantic Lab Hackathon #HacktheHospital to challenge over 200 participants in developing initiatives focused on improving day-to-day life in healthcare centers for patients between 12 and 17 years old.

Kathy Wang and Chloe Ziqing Li are proud to announce that on May 24th, their latest innovation Boost Board was named one of two winners for the 2021 Hackathon. Boost Board uses mixed reality to cultivate social interactions in hospitals to improve mood and mental health in pediatric patients. The stress and isolation that can result from prolonged stays in the hospital can wreak havoc on a small impressionable child’s mental health. Boost Board seeks to mitigate the impact of loneliness, isolation, and anxiety by enabling patients to share messages and good vibes, play games, and stay connected to the outside world without the risk of contagion.

Alongside the Hackathon’s secondary winner Squishy; these two projects will be implemented and tested at the Barcelona Children’s Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, the Boston Children’s Hospital, and will be presented at the Mobile World Capital stand under the framework of MWC Barcelona 2021. In addition, the event has also had the support of like-minded brands such as Garage Stories, Cisco, IBM, GSMA, CaixaBank, Barcelona Tech City, MedVR, 5G Barcelona, the Barcelona City Council, and the Generalitat.

“By talking to kid patients from both Barcelona Children’s Hospital and the Boston Children’s Hospital, we realized that creating an accessible platform for those kids to socialize within the hospital is a real challenge that needs to be solved. Through 5G technology and mixed reality, we could extend their physical environment and create a supportive community for them.” – Kathy Wang

Through proof of concept, dedication to innovation, and unwavering commitment to revolutionizing hospital communications; Boost Board’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition as the winner of the 5G Transatlantic Lab #HackTheHospital Hackathon.

Team members of Boost Board include Kathy Wang, Menno van Rijn, Chloe Ziqing Li , Maria Mayol de Tord, Eduardo Escobar , Carolina Moltó Puigmartí. To learn more about Kathy Wang or Boost Board, please visit:

About Kathy Wang

Kathy Wang is the founder of BroadAR Inc, an AR/VR Design Studio based in New York City. The studio was founded in 2017, focusing on creating revolutionary solutions to common problems the world faces today. Kathy Wang’s vision and passion for helping others inspired the award-winning AR project, Boost Board, dedicated to helping children in hospitals connect with their peers and the outside world through the world of augmented reality. A four-time winner of the MIT AR/VR hackathon, Kathy Wang and her teammates add a new award to their portfolio upon receiving first prize at the 5G Transatlantic Lab 2021 Hack the Hospital Hackathon, hosted by Garage Stories.



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